July 23, 2010

Okay, I woke up at 7AM.
FML. For Real. I didn't go to bed until around 2 but c'mon. You'd think I'd be happy about not oversleeping but really it was a bit much. My throat is raw and I'm STILL coughing. I am about to go crazy here! No matter how much medicine I seem to take I still cough. If I'm still coughing by Sunday I will officially have been sick for two effing weeks. UGH.

I tried going back to sleep but I was coughing my head off. So finally I just gave and took a shower. Now I'm here and I'm about to go guzzle down a whole bottle of cough syrup. I drink water to keep the coughing at bay (it helps just a little) but I drink so much that I end up having to go to the bathroom a lot. Sucks :/

On a brighter note, I did get me some froyo (cheesecake & classic tart if you care) last night with Callista Marie! We then proceeded to have a lengthy but amazing two hour Skype date. Gahh, best friends make the world go 'round. She made my day much better. Today, we have plans to hangout around lunch time for a few hours and do a photoshoot! So excited :D

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