Happy Birthday Callista Marie!;

September 22, 2010

That's Right! Callista Marie is turning the big 1-8 (: To celebrate her birthday I thought I'd do a brief post on the story of us and our friendship! Here we go folks! We have seven years to cover and only one post to do it!


I met Callista Marie in the summer before fifth grade. I was an akward book-reading, sweater-vest wearing, pudgy thing with beaver teeth, short boy hair, and fat puddin' cheeks. That's how I know Callista befriended me for me and not some other reason like my looks or popularity (which I definitely had both...duhhh). I came up to her one day during lunch/recess whenever she was making fun of this girl we both mutually disliked and the rest is history. Back in fifth grade, however, we both like the same guy. I was always secretly jealous of her because this crush of ours would always talk to her more than me. Once, I even called him up and pretended to be Callista! We did a lot of stupid things but we were brought together by the Moose Club, Hooker Boots, Space Camp, A Prep & A Boy.


Callie and I's friendship didn't quit melt into something more until the next summer rolled around. She and I talked for hours each day. I remember calling her promptly at ten, talking til noon (thats when her mom came home for lunch), calling again around two, talking til five, and then calling sometime after seven (avoiding dinner time). We talked wildly about everything. I knew instantly we were a match. We were (and remain to be) total opposites with a knack for both complaining and crazy scheme-ing.


As perfect as our friendship sounded we got into a lifetime worth of fights during those first three or four years. We were both going through that terrible pre-teen stage, trying to find exactly who we were. Callista transferred schools after the fifth grade and we talked solely by phone (during school we talked few and far between). Whenever we did see each other at our friends little 'parties' we typically ended the night in a fight. We argued like mad and I remember even climbing to shout nasty things through an air vent at her! We were so ridiculous, our friends quit inviting us places together. I can't even imagine if we would've attended the same school! In addition to arguing in person, we argued over the phone. One time (our worst argument to date) we got into a fight over the phone, I hung up, and didn't both calling back for two and half months. Callista and I still get into the occassional tiff or disagreement but we've learned to work through these moments much better. We pick and choose our battles. We admit our faults and feelings and try to avoid all the shadiness. We know how precious friendship truly is and that it shouldn't be put on the line over a stupid argument like how to pronounce 'Trelawny.'

Here & Now:

Ninth and Tenth grade were very lax years. We were settling and weren't much bothered by one another. We were friends but we were definitely on different paths entirely. We weren't the fixtures we are today in each other's lives. In eleventh grade, we had four classes together and lunch. We really bonded and our friendship was at it's height. I love this girl so much. She isn't afraid to act goofy with me. We speak our own language and have a history with one another that is unmatched. I know her like the back of my own hand and consider her the sister I never had. We have sooo many inside jokes, it'd be impossible to list! I can't imagine life without her in it. She gives me hope. I can tell her absolutely anything and everything without feeling like I'm being judged. She cares about me, just as much as I care about her. She understands me. She's mature and I know she'll do amazing at whatever she sets her mind to. She's loyal to the core and that's all I can ask for. I envy and admire her. We are separate beings with separate looks and personalities. We are opposites but never have I met someone more like me. I never knew we'd make it this far, but I'm so happy that when the dust cleared it was her in the end.

Happy Birthday:

This is a HUGE milestone for my Callista Marie! She deserves the best birthday ever! I love her to death. 'One Eight Is Gonna Be Great!' (<---Cool, Cliched Rhyming?).

Love Always,
Addie Fletch

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