Wastin' Away My Saturday;

September 11, 2010

Today hasn't been the vision of cute, dainty, and uplifting as I'd hoped it would be. I didn't wake up early and visit that cute coffee shop for breakfast like I'd hoped and it was simply gray and nasty looking outside. Most importantly, I did not get my pumpkin spice latte! However, it was nowhere near as terrible as yesterday. I woke up early and got ready to go take the ACT. I opted for a comfortble (short-sleeved) white v-neck from Charlotte Russe, a warm gray and purple hooded jacket from American Eagle, and my newest pair of overly tight (need-to-be-rolled-at-the-bottom) pair of Fresh Ink jeans. Paired with flip-flops and my 'I-don't-give-a-fuck' messy up-do I made my way to school. I looked acceptable but nowhere near as prepped as I would be for an average school day.

I saw my best friend Callista Marie upon arrival. We waited in the long darkened foyer of our school after finding our room assignments. We chatted quietly amongst ourselves but mostly I spent time studying everyone else...namely, the pretty 'popular' girls huddled in the middle of the room twice as big as any other circle of friends. Seeing all of them all at once was ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as the fact that half of them looked like they were dressed for a beauty pagent or a regular day of school. We're talking straightened/teased hair, form-fitting jeans, a nice top, and a full face of unnecessary make-up. One look at them and anyone would probably feel infinitely inferior.

It was 7 AM , what was there to really talk about? Soon enough we were lead to the history wing where we could find our rooms and begin testing. It was my fourth time to take this test and I prayed that I do better than the previous three times. I'm tired and anxious and expectant. I had spent nearly three hours poring over my ACT book the previous night. The test began. I had to keep myself motivated and try and shake the boredom/irritation that filled me during the math sections. My neck hurt and I had a tiny stomach ache but, finally, it was over.

Callista and I walked down the street to her house, our pant legs soaked much like the rest of everything else by the time we got there. It had rained ceaselessly throughout the morning. It had been gray and now everything was wet. Now, it was starting to dry up as blue sky became visible and sun peeked out from some of the lingering clouds. After my mother picked me up, I managed to wrangle up three dollars and treated myself to the dollar menu at McDonalds (though I would've much preferred a pumpkin space latte -whine-).

My aunt and my cousin came over after I got home and changed into some comfortable PJ's. They stayed for three hours and after they left I was relieved. I went to lay down, watching TV for only thirty minutes before falling asleep for about 3 hours. I was more exhausted than I had thought. Now, I'm up and watching the football game on TV. The sun is starting to set and I just inhaled a whole bowl of popcorn. I will probably be up all night. Joy.

Here's a pretty little outtake from my 'Shorts' photoshoot where I experimented with the red filter on my camera. Here's to hoping tomorrow will be better! (:


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