Twisted Scarf Necklace D.I.Y;

July 28, 2011

Hey guys! After last week's Cubicle Fancy post I was in love with the cute necklace I made out of two scarves. It was the simplest process and I think it could look great year around (but especially during this upcoming fall). I've never been great at wearing scarves, but I thought you might enjoy this!

 1. Take two scarves of your choice (I'm using a printed navy one with fringe and a sequined gray one). They need to be pretty similar in length for this to work out properly.

2. Take the end of each scarf. Act like you're going to tie a knot. Make sure to leave loop space!

3. Leave enough space for about two finger to fit through. This will be essential later!

4. Take your scarf vertically. From the place that's knotted (your loop) start overlapping the two scarves until you get toward the end. I keep my twists loose but you can go as tight as you want to. This step reminds me of making a simpler style friendship bracelet!

5. When you get done twisting your scarf, knot the end. I knot mine about three times over to have a nice big knotted ball like pictured above. Make sure to knot at least twice for a big enough knot!

6. Bring the two ends together. The big knotted ball you made at one end (in the last step) will go through the loop on the other end (that you made in the first step).

7. Pull the knotted end through the looped end.

8. Tighten the looped end around the knotted ball so that your necklace is tight and will stay together!

9. Tada! You're all done! Adjust length and twists as needed! 

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