Senior Homecoming;

October 09, 2010

Homecoming was both magical and memorable! I had an absolute blast! There was dancing, pep rally's, getting out early, parades, pretty dresses, cheering, shouting, drama, boys, beef jerky, doctor pepper spills, conversing, smuggling, lots of red hair spray, and even more glitter. Everyone came out and put on their best Panther swag!

Callista & I arrived really early to get a good seat in the student section! We went down onto the field and took pictures with some of our friends who had made either Club Sweetheart, Escort, or Royalty. Then, we snagged a great seat in the student section where lots of friends and fellow Seniors joined us! During Sweetheart & Homecoming Royalty I got drenched on my right-side by a Dr. Pepper explosion! Excuse! Nevertheless, the game started. Callista and I had a blast cheering it up and supporting our team as they battled on for three straight and very intense scoreless quarters.

The game remained scoreless until the 4 Quarter. At the end of the 4th the game was tied 7-7. We ended up winning 14-7 in OT (over time)! Can you believe it? Senior Homecoming could not have been better! Here's my night in pictures:

1. Making Bandanas! I Ironed On All Of Those Letters!
2. Glitter! (:
3. My Two Bandanas! I Wore The White During School & The Red During The Game!
4. Me Before School!
5. Callie & I Before The Game!
6. Me & Katelyn
7. Me & Chelsea
8. Callie & I Getting Amazing Seats In The Student Section!
9. Cody & I
10. I Call It My Creeper Face, Callie Calls It Love
11. Us During Half-Time
12. Me & My Bleacher Buddy Taylor Barnhill (:
13. Me, Barnhill, & Callista Marie!

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