Taste of Halloween;

October 30, 2010

Happy EARLY Halloween Everyone!
Tonight, I attended a Halloween party! It was so much fun! There were lots of yummy treats (except callie was allergic to almost everything) and good friends. Callie was Belle (from 'Beauty & The Beast'), Lorin was Pocahontis, & Tami was Dorthy (from 'The Wizard of Oz').
The highlight of the night consisted of a Scavenger Hunt all around town! We were sporting Halloween costumes a day early and it was sooo embarrassing going into public places! We got judged, straight up! Haha. We were split up into teams of five with boys vs. girls. & The tasks for the hunt were hilarious! For example:
-Take a picture of your whole team pumping a stranger's a gas, with a fireman, drinking out of soda, on a swingset, with an 85 year old person with their ID out.
-Get a used stamp, a coin from 1980, a sock with a hole in it, a teabag, a potato, a receipt for 50 cents worth of gas, a pizza coupon, a takeout menu, a hair-tie, & 3taco bells packets with different sayings on them.
It definitely made for some fun memories (btw, the boys hit a deer!). I went as a Hogwarts Girl (complete owl since I broke my wand 3 years ago whenever I last wore the costume). I was going to sport Marie Antoinette (my costume for the last 2 years that im still madly in love with) but it was hot, itchy, and had a stain (randomly) on it. So I opted for the Hogwarts Girl outfit. I'm wearing a different costume tomorrow for trick-or-treating with AppleJack! We are going to be the cutest couple on the block! (;
Oh, & I got my Auburn highlights today! I l-o-v-e them. They're subtle but really give me hair the dimension I've been searching for! Be back tomorrow or Monday with some more Halloween fun! Have a safe and happy holiday!

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