Happy Halloween;

October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Here's my Halloween night in pictures! Jack was Superman (isn't he the cutest with his cape & all?) and I was SuperGirl. However, as we were trekking from door to door I got lots of 'Oh, look, it's SuperBaby & SuperMom! How cute!' Actually...I got that a lot tonight. Jack and I really bonded over trick-or-treating and even more so after we got back and started devouring all of our yummy goodies! We were a hit and I daresay we were the cutest couple on the block (as promised)! Tonight couldn't have gone any better. There was family, friends, candy, matching costumes (worn by the cutest BROTHER & SISTER pair ever), lots of kids trick-or-treating, parties, petticoats, and maybe even a glass of wine (shhhh!). I even teased my hair (Callista Marie is going to be SO proud)!
Jack was so good & the weather was perfect out! I couldn't have asked for a more reasonably behaved baby! I got tired of holding him and my arms definitely got a work-out but I wouldn't have had it any other way! Jack really enjoyed himself (he was fascinated by all of the people and loved eating the the candy) and I'm so happy I was here to experience it all with him (but boy does he owe me in the future for lugging him, a candy bag, & camera around for an hour up and down a hilly neighborhood)!
Tomorrow kicks off softball tryouts & NaNoWriMo (read my NaNo post HERE). Hope you all had an amazing holiday! Wish me luck!

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