My First Car;

December 19, 2010

Today marked a very important today in a young seventeen year old girl's life, well my life to be more specific. Today, I was given my very first vehicle. I was given a dark gray 1987 Honda Civic. It's in great condition. It's body has a few scratches but no dent or major abrasions. It has all the original papers, manuals, keys, spare tire, and etc. The interior is in good condition with no stains or rips to speak of. The fan runs constantly (which is scary upon first turning on the car but fades as you drive), the drivers seat scoots up only so far, and the windshield wipers are a little wonky. The wipers work and all, but whenever you press to stop them, they stop exactly where they are on the windshield so you have to time them so that they aren't in the way. There's a little crack in the windshield, no air bags to speak of in the whole car that I could immediately locate (uh, scary!), and there's no AC. However, the radio works like a charm and so does the heat. The lights and breaks are also in grand condition. Plus, it has only a tape player (which I secretly love).

I looked up several reviews online. The car, though sort of boxy and ugly, is said to drive amazingly. It's got kick and is a good car to have for your first. It's reliable and handles winter weather well. Though, it got below average marks for safety (could that maybe be because it has no air bags?!).

It's a lovely little car with lots of charm. It's got a lot of character, which was something I was desperately hoping to find in a car. I love cars from the 80's (my ex-boyfriend used to drive a black and red 380 Z -swoon-), so I was actually exceptionally thrilled to get an '87 in such great condition. I can tell the previous owner put a lot of time and care into that little car. I love the color, which is a plus. I was hoping for any color accept white or beige/gold and I really lucked out. I also really like Honda's. The first car I can ever remember my family having is a little red Honda. Though, it has it's quirks I know I will easily grow to love this car. I have mixed feelings of shame (since I know everyone and their brother will be judging me) and secret pride/admiration for my little Civic. And to think my grandfather snagged the car up for only $500. Wow!

The only problem? It's a standard and I have no earthly idea how to drive a stick shift. I got in the car today and was like 'what the hell is a clutch?' I swear, learning how to drive standard should not be a concern for a modern teenager. I barely drive automatic decently, now my relatives really want to throw this at me? I swear, my family can never do anything normally. The rest of the teenagers at school drive normal cars. I'm not complaining, in fact, I'm more determined now than ever to learn how to drive my stick shift. Wow, did I ever take automatic cars for granted.

Tomorrow, I'm going to wake up early and set to work giving my '87 (fondly referred to as 'my baby') a bath. The car came to me a little dusty and dirty, so I'm eager to wash my own car. I'll also be cleaning out the inside and perusing the manual so I can friggin' learn how to set the stations on the radio. I'll be vacuuming and going through my parent's tape collections and stocking up my vintage tuneage. In the afternoon, Dad and I are going down to the DMV to register the vehicle and to get plates for the car. In the evening, Mum, Cals, and I will be practicing my stick-shift driving. I'm determined to learn how to successfully drive the Civic, so that I can start driving to school after winter break! -Crosses Fingers!-

So here is a look at what a 1987 Honda Civic looks like. I found these on Google, but they look identical to my baby. I mean, I wouldn't blame you if you were very jealous of me right now:

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