New Years Resolutions 2011;

January 01, 2011

  1. Lose 25 lbs Total
  2. Set Up A Bank Account (3.22.11)
  3. Finish My Housing Contract (1.29.11), Go To Summer Orientation, & Get Accepted Into An Honor's College Program (6.6-7.11)
  4. Attend College In The Fall (8.14.11)
  5. Get A Boyfriend
  6. Meet Lots Of New People(8.20.11)
  7. Launch A Small Online Business
  8. Read At Least 5 Books For Fun (5/5)
  9. Finish Mary Opal (Revised & Everything)
  10. Work To Promote My Blog (December 2011)
  11. Graduate High School With Honors (5.13.11)
  12. Do The Indian Run Without Stopping (1.5.11)
  13. Kiss Someone (October/November 2011)
  14. Submit My Thea Scholarship (1.18.11)
  15. Survive Softball (& Be A Good Senior Leader) (5.10.11)
  16. Get A Job (5.16.11)
  17. Make A Legitiment Art/Graphic Design Portfolio (Started)
  18. Let Loose Every Now & Again (5.26.11)
  19. Cut Back On FaceBooking & Social Networking In General
  20. Put More Effort Into Appearences (& Make An Attempt At Wearing Girlier, More Put Together Things In General)
  21. Have An Amazing 18th Birthday (Celebrate With Callista Marie @ C's)
  22. Do Something Fearless / Entirely Selfless
  23. Fill Up Second Ipod With Good Music (& Let It Be The Soundtrack To 2011)
  24. Learn To Drive A Standard Car Successfully (& Conquer My Fear Of Leaving Town In It)
  25. Continue To Fill Each Day With Inspiring, Pretty, & Positive Things

16/25 Completed + 4 Started

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