My Wittle Jack Update;

December 18, 2010

I'm happy to sat that the holidays are soon approaching! This year will be Jack's second Christmas and everyone in our family couldn't be more thrilled. Last year he was only a few months old, so he couldn't enjoy it as much (though we still went to the effort of getting his picture made with santa, dressing him up in goofy X-mas PJ's, assigning him a stocking, and picking out his first ornament). This year has already been exponentially more fun and more of a hassle than last year even thought about being.
Last year, while we put up the tree, Jack napped in his swing or watched us with curious eyes. This year, he was into everything! He was right on the scene. He was wanted to touch and help with everything. He wanted to examine each ornament, take the ones already on the tree off, and wrap the beads/garland around either the dog or himself. Three broken ornaments and a lot of tears (on my behalf) and a lot of yelling (on my mother's behalf) later, Dad took him to store so we could get the tree together in peace. I may have mentioned once or twice about how Jack was ruining Christmas, but who can really remember these sorts of things?

Jack loves looking at (and touch -sigh) the tree and any other holiday decor, for that matter. He swoons over the pretty ornaments and he affectionately 'oohs & awhs' whenever we pass the lit up houses and businesses whenever cruising around town. He likes wearing all of his Christmas PJ's around the house, watching the classic holiday movies, and even enjoys the peppermint flavored milkshake offered at Chik-fil-a. I swear, this kid is a holiday pro!
I cannot wait until Christmas morning! Last year he sat in his bumbo really unsure as of what to do. We helped him open his little presents but he was mostly uninterested. We stuck bows to his head and snapped pictures and he was very calm. This year, he's going to go insane. He's going to want to help everyone rip into their presents! He's going to wake up and be astonished by all the presents sitting under our tree. He'll be so excited!
Mom, Dad, and I are getting Jack some toy cars and a little playset to go along with the cars. This year, he's been fascinated by all things car related and ball related. He loves footballs, bouncy balls, plushy baseballs, mini basketballs, and even my bright yellow softball's. So in addition to the set of like 20 cars and the matching playset, we're getting him a big bouncy ball I know he'll love. Other things include some outfits, PJ's, and socks.
Lately, Jack has been the happiest baby around! He's only 16 months but he's got so much personality. He laughs at everything and everyone. He communicates very directly. He's not shy and is very demanding about what he wants. He hates being told no and often if he is, he throws whatever he has in his hands down onto the ground to show his frustration. He broke his play phone that way a few days ago. He's also discovered hitting, which has been a battle. We scold him every time he hits anyone. Most of the time he does it affectionately or to get someone's attention but we always reiterate that it's a big no-no.
His favorite foods are fruit, pudding, and BK chicken fries. Some of his newest words include cold, butt, god and belly. He only says god whenever he's upset. It's usually him yelling something distinctly that sounds like 'Oh Godddd!" -Shrugs- I have no idea where he's picked that up from. Even with the emotions he's going through, he has his quiet moments where he can be very still and patient. He often likes to watch TV with me. He sits on the couch and actually watches a show. It's fascinating to me.
His favorite things in the world are technological. He loves cellphones like nothing I've ever seen. He loves being in front of a camera, but most of the time he's dying to hold it. He likes typing on the computer and watching the screen as well. He wants to do everything himself lately. He's been very independent as of the late. He wants to feed himself, hold the drink by himself, and take pictures by himself. Though, my patience is sometimes weak with him I still love my AppleJack to bits. I have no idea what I'd do without that whiney, demaind, independent little boy in my life! I can't wait to post Christmas pictures!
More updates soon guys! I hope you enjoyed his little cheeseball photos above!

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