An Update+;

December 04, 2010

I've Really Been Meaning To Post More Often Here.
Hmmm. Anyways, Today I've:

1) Gotten Up Before 8
2) Christmas Shopped With The Family Until 3
3) Ate At Chilis (Sticking To My Diet & Hating It)
4) Fought With My Mother
5) Acquired A Pair Of Jet Black Reebok RunTone Shoes & A Pair Of Glittery Silver TOMs
6) Browsed The Mall & Flirted With The Hot Sales Guy At Rue21
7) Ran Into An Old Friend
8) Went For A Jog In The Cold In My New Reeboks
9) Listened To Mazzy Star
10) Attempted To Get On The Treadmill But Instead Got Distracted & Ended Up Opening My Mother's Wedding Box
11) Tried On My Mother's Gown & Swooned Over All The Stuff That Was Saved

So, Overall, Today Has Been Pretty Good! I've Been Conditioning A LOT For Softball & That Alone Has Motivated Me To Drop Some Lbs & Get Fit (Simply So My Workouts Won't Be Such A Bitch). I'm Trying To Eat Healthier & Tone Up My Body. I'm Never Going To Be Model Skinny Or Sport Rock Hard Abs (I'm Just Not Built That Way -Hmph-), But I Am Determined To Get Slimmer & Toned So That I Look & Feel Good About Myself & My Body. I've Really Dedicated Thus Far. I'm Trying To Lay Off A Lot Of Breaded Things (Aka FRIES)/Sweets, Eat Smaller Portions, Cut Out Soda/Sweet Tea, Intake More Water, & Fit In Excercise When I Can.

Yesterday, I Had A Yummy Spicy Chicken Salad For Dinner. Today, I Ate A Fajita Trio At Chili's. It Had Shrimp, Steak, & Chicken On Top Of Sizziling Onions & Bell Peppers. It Came With Tortillas, Sour Cream, Lettuce, Salsa & Guac. I Forfeited The Tortillas To My Father & Devoured The Meat+Veggies With A Hint Of Sour Cream. However, I Remained Pretty Unsatisfied. So, I Used Some Ranch Left Over From My Mum's Salad & Used The Lettuce, Tomato Bits, & Ranch To Make A Small Makeshift Salad Which Helped Fill Me Up. It Was Hard Sitting At The Table. My Parents Ordered Motzerella Stick As An Appetizer, But I Resisted. I Also Resisted The Molten Chocolate Cake My Mum Order For Dessert. All The While, My Dad Taunted Me. It Was Terrible & I Hated It, But I'm Happy I Remained Strong. This Experience Proves To Me That I Have Willpower & Can Do This Diet Thing If I Remain Determined.

Since Lunch At Chili's I've Had A Bowl Of Muligrain Cheerios+Skim Milk (A New Favorite) That Clocks In At Just A Little Over 110 Calories. I've Also Had Some Chicken Noodle Soup Which Clocks In About The Same. I Know That This Isn't About Starving Myself Or Eating Things That I Don't Enjoy. I Just Need To Be More Thoughtful About It All. Whenever I Feel Weak Or Extremely Tempted I Remind Myself That, "Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels." I Also, Think About The Healthy Food As Rewarding My Body. My Body Has Worked Hard Conditioning & It Deserves Healthy Yummy Food In Return.

Just A Few Thoughts. Since I've Been So Good These Past Few Days, I'm Going To Allow Myself A Little Sweet Treat. I'm Probably Going To Have A Nutella+Peanut Butter Sandwhich With Some Skim Milk. Two Slices Of Bread=130 Calories & Less Carbs Than One Waffle, 1tbsp of Nutella=About 100 Calories & 11 Carbs, & 1 tbsp of Peanut Butter=About 95 Calories & Less Than 4 Carbs! I'm Excited!

More Posting To Ensue VERY Soon!

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