It All Starts Here;

February 26, 2011

I've spent all week contemplating things and it all started with a dream about my favorite blogger Elsie Flannigan. In my dream I was visiting her quaint vintage store in Springfield, MO. I met her at the counter and she asked me what I was doing with my life and (most importantly) blog. I was looking at the pretty vintage and I failed to come up with an answer. I was dumbfounded. Where exactly was I going? The next morning I woke up feeling motivated. I grabbed my journal and realized that I was ready to try my hand at the big leagues of blogging. I knew that it wouldn't be an overnight transformation, but one that would take careful planning, a little spending, and a lot of time, care, inspiration, and effort.

First off, I asked myself: What makes a business successful? Then, I wanted to know: Who are my rolemodels and why? This part was a breeze. I had a slew of blog-running rolemodels who had cultivated a unique, inspirational, and personal online space to share with the world. They are women who have turned their blog into a brand. They're passionate women who I can easily look up to! (click any of the images to enlarge)

After listing off my rolemodels and examining them, I wondered: What do I have to offer? What are my strengths? What will make my slice of the internet stand out in the best way possible?Lastly, I made a plan of action and a timeline to boot.

Every blog (and blogger's) journey has to start somewhere. Mine starts here.

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