Always, Sometimes, Never;

June 23, 2011

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I Always:

  • Snuggle back in bed for those extra five minutes
  • Wake up early on the weekends because it makes me feel productive
  • Put off working out and other to-do's
  • Want to be inspired and discover new music
  • Am making a list or writing something down
  • Enjoy reading tattoo blogs (though I don't have any & probably won't get any)

I Sometimes:

  • Enjoy a good coding session
  • Would prefer to be alone
  • Get a little obsessive with things
  • Paint, though it's not exactly forte
  • Think I was born in the wrong decade. Haha!
  • Think that pursuing a degree in Art/Graphic Design is a mistake and I'd be better suited to pursue a degree so as to become an English teacher.

I Never:

  • Answer my texts (such a bad habit!)
  • Miss an episode of True Blood
  •  Remember to bring my camera places
  • Wear new clothes right after I get them, I like to slowly incorporate them into my wardrobe as time goes on (which my best friend Callie thinks is so weird!)
  • Turn down a cupcake
  • Forget to kiss my brother goodnight

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  1. I never turn down a cupcake, either :)

    Cute blog, girl!

  2. what a great blog! wonderful post. :) if you are in the mood for some yummy food check out my most recent post. your mouth will water. ;)

    follow me?

  3. What an interesting blog feature! Would you mind terribly if I started doing this regularly on my blog?

    <3 Deanna
    Barefoot Love

  4. Not at all! I've seen some of my favorites blogs do this. It's really fun! <3

  5. I love this blog feature! Such a great idea! I'm glad I found out your blog, it's definitely worth following! :)
    Have a nice Sunday!



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