June 22, 2011

{Sorry in advance for my creeperishness and feel free to collectively unfollow after reading further...just kidding!} 

Okay, a few days ago I randomly discovered that I had one Bloglovin' follower (cool for me to be completely unaware?) and I was ecstatic! I was over the moon, just like any time comments on anything I bother posting. You have no idea how completely grateful I am to anyone who views my blog or leaves a sweet and encouraging comment. I'd never really dreamed anyone would follow me. I suppose everyone has got to start somewhere. Even the biggest blogs didn't reach success or readership instantly. There had to be a first and I wanted to thank my first Bloglovin' and Google/Blogspot followers in a genuine sort of way. You will forever be special to me and I cannot thank you enough for taking even the tiniest bit of your day to care about something I post. I know that there are thousands of awesome blogs out there you could be (and probably are) following and I'm extremely happy to make it on your list.

 I am very grateful to both Rebekah for being my first Bloglovin' follower and Emma for being my first Google/Blogspot follower. You both are ah-mazing and have gorgeous/inspiring blogs to boot!

On an unrelated note, I had a really productive day. I got up early, ran a mile, found time to post, ate healthy all day long, visited my Nana, & played with my brother. I have work extra-early tomorrow, but I have potentially fun plans afterward and a few posts planned.

Night Dearies,

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  1. getting a new follower is like getting cookies in the mail :)

  2. Aw, this made me smile! I do the same every time I get a follower too. :) It's lovely to know people enjoy what you write. xx

  3. I think I might be your bloglovin' follower!! Well, I am reading this post via my bloglovin feed anyways :)

    Happy Days xo


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