The Mascara Diaries:

June 24, 2011

On this month's edition of The Mascara Diaries I'm going to compare two mascara's I've tried out recently. The catch? My mother has also tried the same two out. We compared notes and came up with two very different takes on the same mascaras! So in this post, I wanted to make a point that just because a mascara doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it can't be brilliant and flattering on someone else. So without further ado...I present The Mascara Diaries: Mom vs Me edition!

Grow Luscious Mascara
Who Makes It?: Revlon
How Much Is It?: About $8
Where Can I Get It?: Wal-mart, Wal-greens, Most Drugstores, & Online
My Story: I tried out this mascara and had less than desireable results. When I bought it I was fantasizing about rocking the lushest lashes in town and was lusting after the results the overly big wand was sure to give me. However, I found it to be too heavy for my tastes. It was goopy, flakey, and made my lashes long but twiggy.
My Mother's Story: My mother began using this shortly before I did. She gave it rave reviews. She liked that it made her lashes longer, stronger, and much more noticeable on the day-to-day. She reported flirty lashes that made a definite impression on her and co-workers who'd asked about her noticeably longer lashes. She was an insta-fan of this mascara.

-Big Tube Offers a Lasting Product
-Comes in Blackest Black, Black, or Blackened Brown
-Stronger Lashes Over Time

-Heavy & Goopy (So Much Excess Mascara!)
-Poorly Designed Packaging
-Didn't Add Enough Volume (aka 'Oomph' to Lashes)
-Flakey (#1 Reported Issue Concerning This Mascara)
-Overly Large Brush Makes Defining Each Lash Evenly a Struggle
-Twiggy Lashes

Full Blown Volume Lash Building Mascara
Who Makes It?: Laura Mercier
How Much Is It?: $24
Where Can I Get It?: Sephora or Online Here
My Story: I loved this mascara from the get-go! It's application was flawless and it gave me the perfect day-time look I'd been searching for. It gave my eye lashes a naturally beautiful sort of look, which was a pleasent change from all the dramatic and high intensity mascara's I've been used to piling on my lashes each morning.
My Mother's Story: Though my mother did like the easy application, she was less than satisfied with the mascara overall. She didn't think it added enough length/volume or gave her lashes the flirtier feel she was searching for. She found the experience to be sub-par. It was a 'nice' mascara, but nothing she'd ever want to spend $24 on again she expressed to me.

-Good Brush
-Easy Application
-Reliable 'Every Day' Sort of Mascara
-More Natural Looking Lashes
-Doesn't Budge (No Flakes!)

-May be a Tad Pricey
-Takes a Few Coats for Desired Results
-Some Reported it Weighing Down Their Lashes
-Adds Volume, But Not The Dramatic High Intensity Volume You Think

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