June 11, 2011

First off let me apologize for and preface the fact that this post is text heavy!

The Story:
Everyone wants a smokin' bod for the beach, right? Some people spend all spring getting fit in the gym just so they can flaunt their toned physique on the sand...however...I am not one of them. By no means do I consider myself 'fat' but I don't exactly classify myself as 'skinny' or 'thin' either. I'm an average sized girl with curves and probably a little jiggle than I'd like to admit. I've bee out of softball for nearly a month and I've noticed how out-of-shape I've become already. So instead of killing myself for the past two weeks about my weight, what I'm eating, and how I just don't feel like hitting the treadmill after working 8+ hours, I've decided to turn my vacay into a 'Get-Fit-Trip!' Why exercise ridiculously, killing myself to get ready for the beach (and still feeling like a complete failure when I don my bikini and still see no change), when I can use the beach and the new environment to help me get healthy?

The Plan:
There are so many pros to going to the beach that go beyond sunbathing! I can use the sand and the surf to work out! The sand causes resistance and an uneven surface (throwing off your balance & therefore causing your muscles to work harder to balance) perfect for getting in a little cardio (such as morning jog) or muscle strengthening work outs. Swimming (in the ocean or the pool) helps get in valuable cardio (burning tons of calories) and helps to tone up your muscles because the water acts as great resistance as well!

Also, there are several other little beach towns just down the road from the one we're staying. Each year we go I always find a day or two to bike around. Biking helps tone muscles and burn calories! Even if I don't decide to bike I can take the opportunity to walk, jog, or run that 2.5 miles. I going to commit myself to going anywhere that's nearby by foot or by bike!

As for my eating regimen? I'm going to lay off the fried stuff (which is usually not too big of a culprit on a tropical getaway), drink tons and tons of water (since I need to stay hydrated and it'll be sooo hot out), and take advantage of all the fresh fish, shrimp, and fruit (which are wonderful for any healthy gal looking to lose a few lb's)! I'm not going to restrict myself though. If I want to grab ice-cream, a virgin pina coloda, sweet tea, or maybe a burger for lunch I'll let it slide. I just need to outweigh my bad meals with the good and make sure to pack in lots of healthy exercise each day! Also, I'll be tracking my calorie intake to make sure I don't over do-it and keep my calories in a healthy range.

I'm feeling really confident about making this vacation a 'Get-Fit-Trip.' In fact, I'm going to be taking a before and after photo. If the results are worthy, I may just post them! I know that fitness and eating right are a lifestyle and not just a random week at the beach. Also, I know results don't happen overnight. They take hard work and discipline. However, I am hoping this week will give me the courage, motivation, and inspiration to jump start the permanent change at home. I'm using this week to try my hand at something new. I'm opening myself up to the possibility of failure and exploring the realms of accepting my body just the way it is. I want to feel happy and confident about the way I look, I truly don't care about some silly little number on the scale.

In order to make this plan become a reality, I'm going to need lots of motivation. I call it 'thinspiration' (which I know kinda sounds bad and kinda crazy, but I promise it isn't!). I'm a visual person, so seeing my progress, seeing my calories, seeing my body and the body I'm working towards are great motivators for me. So here I bring you to the next section...

Tools of the Trade:
LoseIt - this amazing site helps me track what I eat on the day-to-day. It's perfect for on-the-go eaters to because they have an app you can download direct to your Iphone. You can network and add friends (but since I'm such a private person, I don't exactly feel confident about connecting it to my Facebook for the world to see). It puts you on the right plan of weight loss for you, it's mindful of your goals, it keeps track of the foots you eat during each meal, each day, each week, and each month, it keeps track of calories and other nutrient info that you select, you can send yourself progress reports, and provides plenty of visual graphs for your to see the progress you're making (or, in my case, not making)!

- Thinspiration. Here are a few tumblrs (each heart is a different one) I look at every now and again to get me motivated for a work out or to help keep myself on track. I find looking at the body that I'm striving for is very motivating. Yes, I know that I'm not going to be supermodel perfect at the end of the day and I don't expect myself to be. They also post excercises, positive encouragement, and motivating statements about toning up and really pushing yourself to be your best. When I look at these tumblrs I don't want to look like those girls per say, I want to radiate their confidence. I want to be as happy with my body as they are (even if I don't look like them). It's about being confident in your own skin.

Freebie (click on the image at the top of the post) - Here is a basic downloadable work-out schedule that I've been using lately. It's also the one I'll be taking on my trip to beach!

Wish me luck!

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