Saturday Nights;

June 26, 2011

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Roaming around, awesome sunglasses, getting snow cones, almost getting run over by some stupid guy in a crappy car after getting a snow cone, then realizing it's one of your best guy friends in his crappy car whose party you're going to later, talking in the parking lot, hours spent in Wal-Mart, even longer hours spent getting ready, driving around because we're too early and too eager, abandoned houses, police cars out of nowhere, seeing attractive hitch hikers, and missing the turn to go to the party.

Wishing for new people and not the same old crowd, actually getting new people and missing the old crowd so much it hurts, so much change because everyone is working now, feeling left out and angry because she's there and she took him from you, being bronze, Baby Blue, the epic quest for a lighter, bonfires while there's a burn ban, lots of firework antics, pocket knives and flash lights, sitting on the tailgate because there's nine people to a car, feeling the rush of adventure, starry skies, dusty drives, back roads, driving out to 'The Hole,' stopping for a watermelon, telling the driver to 'floor it' because there's three of us on the tailgate and there is a car gaining on us and if they see us they'll surely call the cops.

Living off of lemonade and sun-chips because that's all we have, joking about alcohol but secretly wanting some and knowing we could get it, humid nights, chilling in the freezer, being fed watermelon by boys, wrapping up in blankets, deciding to take the car out, tag runs all over town, passing the car-markers around,   all of us singing so badly to old country music, being out past curfew, 'traspassing' instead of 'trespassing,' talking about what happened the night before because it's such a good/scary/crazy story, stopping at a gas station at 2AM for energy drinks, candy bars, and ice-cream.

Getting caught by parents, speeding everywhere, spending two hours in the kitchen drowsily playing 'never have I ever' until one boy is in his boxers, one is pants-less, one is shirt less, and the rest of us are all stripping down too. Dinosaur hugs goodbye, leaving so sleepy and so accomplished, crawling into bed at 5 AM (and drifting off faster than you can realize, the heaviness of sleep weighing you down so you're sure that you'll never come out of the deep sleep you're about to enter) even though there's church in the morning, and an unexpectedly awesome night.

Ah, I love Saturdays.

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  1. hey there! new to your blog:) just wanted to say that i enjoyed your blog, and you have put a smile on my face! i'll be sure to stay tuned to your blog(you have a lovely blog:)

  2. This is seriously the best post I've ever read! I love every single word of it! Sounds like the perfect Saturday! :)


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