Cubicle Fancy Week Three;

July 06, 2011

First of all, can I just thank each and every one of you guys who reads/comments on Cubicle Fancy! You've helped make this one of my more popular features and I am honestly grateful! This week I trekked outside with my camera determined to show you guys how to dress down certain pieces, but as the week went on this post evolved into something a little different. I came to realize that wearing dresses to work was the most brilliant thing ever invented. They're bright and make you feel so darn pretty. Plus, they're so easy to wear! Upon trying to make my outfits work wearable I found that I always went to:

Cardigans are a must for me. I have to like 5 in various colors and lengths. They're perfect to pair with jeans and can from season to season seamlessly. They can add a pop of color or even be sported with a fine pair of leggings. Cardigans are the secret loves of my life, so it'd be a shame to not display how much I wear them to office (which is a lot)!

This dress is the same dress I wore to the luau a few weeks ago. I paired it with my favorite cardigan. It's navy blue, is super light, and has a glittery lining that really makes me happy. I paired it with my black sandals for something work appropriate and really vibrant/lovely. It let me show off my shape whilst hiding my arms (which I don't love). It was such a fun outfit to don. Hmmm...I think I may even wear this to church next Sunday! Haha!

Upon entering the office in this fun floral ruffled dress I was swarmed with compliments. I felt so fresh and pretty. This color instantly made me happy, happy, happy! The cardigan balanced out this outfit. It brought out the subtle navy within the floral print and gave me some shape (since this dress is about a size too big). Fitted (but not tight) cardigans are perfect for hiding extra material or problem areas (like arms) that can be exposed while wearing a dress. I could have almost added a brown belt around my waist for some definition. I paired the outfit with my favorite bronze gladiator shoes that have double straps and studs. I felt really natural and earthy, completely happy and comfy.

So this week I challenge to you to wear a dress to work. Going that extra mile really makes a difference! You'll feel dressy and special. Even if you're donning a black dress add some color by adding a vibrant purple or red cardigan and some accessories. I know my cubicle was a lot happier place this week!

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  1. Anonymous7/06/2011

    so cute! adore that second dress! I am a total cardigan lover too - when I used to work in an office that was freezing even in the middle of summer I had a huge collection!

  2. people think it's weird that i wear dresses all the time, but i love them and they are way more comfy than confining pants when you're sitting for 8 hours! i love your dresses. you look so lovely!

  3. That ruffled dress is so cute :) And I cannot live without my cardigans either. I love them!
    You have a super cute blog here. So I wanted to say a quick hello!


  4. I used to wish I'd grow up to work in an would be fun to dress up


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