Outtakes & Plans;

July 07, 2011

Here are a few unedited outtakes from the past two photo shoots (I mean is posing in your backyard with the camera propped up on the grill on auto timer while your brother runs around you really considered a photo shoot?) that I kind of love in an off-beat sort of way:

 Jack & I goofing around in the backyard. He wanted to pose too!
 I swear this is the only 'in-motion' shot I've taken where I don't look life a half human, half zombie all drugged out and sleepy looking with hair in my face and my body weirdly angled. I'm actually smiling!
Obviously, in pre-k I must have napped through the lesson where they teach you that you're not supposed zoom in that close on a jumping shot. Eh, I still think this came out kind of cool though.
 Oh, Goodness. THAT FACE I'm making is really what I'm feeling when Jack interrupts my photo time.
 I get over Jack interrupting me and we have some fun! He loves being tossed in the air like Superman!
 After that I finally get giggle butt still enough to take a halfway normal shot.
 Cool duck-face I'm making! I just want to tell myself to stop being so gosh darn cool and to put my arms down! Haha!
This was a total accident, but this could be my absolute favorite one.

Not only is 'Plans' the title of one of my favorite Death Cab for Cutie albums, it's also what I have a lot of lately. I've been doing a lot of planning and quite frankly, I'm really excited about it. In about a month I'll be a full-fledged college student living on my own (and by own I mean with three roommates), managing my own finances (so what if my father has deposited all of my checks from work to date), owning my own furniture (well splitting the cost of a bean bag and futon), and starting my own creative crazy adventurous life.

I have so many plans. I have big plans for the blog and I'm seriously considering opening up my own shop sometime before the end of the year. I'm making long term goals that make my heart skip a beat. I'm embracing new things too. I'm planning my dorm room, my classes, and my life and it feels totally amazing. Things could not be going better!

On a totally unrelated note: What are some of your favorite quotes? I'm kind of quote obsessed lately and I'd love to know your motto, quotes to live by, or inspirational song lyric favorites.  I'd love to hear anything you got for me!

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  1. How freaking cuuuute :) Outtakes are better than the real deal sometimes.

  2. great blog, love your posts, I am you new reader ;)
    follow me back please...:

  3. you look so lively in these "action shots"! and such a sweet summer outfit too.

  4. Aw those are adorable. You should let him invade your photos more often haha
    Loving your blog :)


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