College Week: College Rewards;

August 22, 2011

Hey everyone! Welcome to 'College Week' on the Dearie Lovie blog! I just moved into my dorm last week, so this week is in honor of the new educational season that will soon be upon us.

First off, we all know that college has its rewards. Going to and finishing college not only allows you to experience a precious time in your youth where you get to explore and discover yourself, but also meet the new and interesting people that surround you. You get to learn and choose what you love. You get to grow as a person and getting a degree is practically invaluable.

With all of that being said, how do you keep yourself motivated during the semester, let alone during the next four years? That is why I've created a College Rewards System for myself. I list college related goals and a very specific reward once I reach them. Here are my college rewards:

  1. Get into a sorority --> Treat self to a laptop decal from DecalLove
  2. Meet and befriend 10 new people during welcome week --> Go out for lunch with friends at a new restaurant in town
  3. Ace first test or quiz --> Treat self to new backpack from Baggu
  4. Work out 3x a week (for 4 weeks) --> Hot springs bath products
  5. Create Products & Stock Up --> Treat self with pretty business cards from Moo
  6. Follow my blog schedule to a tee (1 month) --> Treat self to a pretty new vintage dress
  7. Become a strict vegetarian with no exceptions (1 week) --> Treat self to a pint of Jeni's Ice-Cream
  8. Ace additional assignments (2-5) --> Treat self to a new book of choice
  9. Don't miss a class all semester (1 exception) --> Splurge on Christmas Presents for the family
  10. Have a 3.5 by the end of first semester --> FREE SPACE! Insert something you want badly here.
  11. Change Major--> Treat self to celebratory coffee from Starbucks (way to be proactive, self-aware and make change!)

How do/did you keep yourself motivated during school, work, or life in general?

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  1. oh, this is such a lovely post! i think that i'm going to print this out and keep it so that i can do it too (with some changes on rewards). motivation!

  2. What a great idea! My current rewards include pedicures and episodes of 30 Rock!


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