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August 21, 2011

Happy Sunday! Can you believe I've been at college for a little over a week now? I start my first classes tomorrow! I'm so nervous, but definitely ready to get into a routine. Sorority rush has felt like summer camp, not school. At college, Sundays are now known as the clean-up the dorm, get laundry done, and make a Walmart run day. So while I'm doing that, enjoy these pretty things:

Pretty Pale Pink Headphones (via Fab)

This pretty print would look amazing over my bed (via Fab)

Pretty obsessed with cute outfits paired with brown satchels (via We Heart It)

Pretty manicure! eek! (via We Heart It)

Pretty shipping tag tutorial (via PuglyPixel)

Pretty much in love with this handmade lottery ticket tutorial! (via Oh The Lovely Things)

Dying to try these prettily packaged frozen treats (via Jeni's Ice-Cream)

So many pretty pillows (via Olive Handmade)

How pretty is this lace briefcase (via ABeautifulMess)

Have a pretty amazing week! ♥

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  1. i want to make a handmade lottery ticket! it seems like it would be fun for scavenger hunts or something.

    what sorority are you in?

  2. Anonymous8/23/2011

    Those headphones are amazing! I wants!!


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