Family Film Friday;

August 19, 2011

This Friday marks the first Friday in a new series on Dearie Lovie Blog! Every Friday will now be known as 'Family Film Friday.' I have quite the passion for both my family and vintage photos, so this feature combines both of my loves. These pictures are pulled from old albums and scanned in. I love seeing my family members in new lights and being able to see the time period. Each photograph is unique and really makes me swoon. I'll  share pictures from a variety of decades, different family members, and any stories/info that goes along with it.

Aunt Kuniko and Grandpa. Taken in Great Granny's backyard at Great Grandpa's birthday.  

Grandma (in the head scarf), Great Aunt Dixie (in the glasses and holding the fishing pole), Cousin Kay, Cousin Teresa (in the pig tails), Aunt Kuniko (with the amazing hair), Grandpa, and Great Granny. Taken in South Dakota. I'm thinking the baby might be my Father or my Aunt Linda?

Feel free to participate in Family Film Fridays (if there is enough interest I may even make a button)! There is nothing like digging up old photos, memories, and learning from your family the stories that go behind them. Such and interesting and personal look into the past!

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