Quick Hello From College;

August 17, 2011

Hello Dearies! This week has been crazy and busy what with moving in and rushing sorority. I haven't been at college very long, but it certainly feels like I've been here for weeks. As I've been getting adjusted, I've been neglecting the blog way more than I should. So, here is a quick hello to let you know I'm doing okay!

I'm beginning to settle in slowly. I'm figuring out the campus, I haven't blown my savings, I've walked so much my calves are beginning to hurt, I bought most of my books/art supplies, and am getting used to living with roommates. At times it's tough being away from home and I miss my brother Jack a lot. I realize how forgetful I am sometimes when Mom and Dad aren't there to remind me.

Anyways, next week I have an awesome mini-featurette that revolves around the college experience which I'm excited to share!

What was your favorite/least favorite thing about moving to college? Did you miss Mom's home-cooked meals or were you too stoked about all the freedom to care?

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to read the feature. ; )

  2. good luck! :) Excited for you :)

  3. Anonymous8/19/2011

    so exciting! congrats!

    I think my favorite thing when I went away to college was being in a big city (I went to Drexel) and I still love it (hence, living in philly again!) and my least favorite was missing my mom & feeling a little "out of the loop" with everything that happens


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