It's Not You, It's Definitely Me;

February 29, 2012

I haven't been posting lately. Hell, I haven't been myself lately, it seems. So, recently it's been my goal to get back on track, get back to really being me. I feel like this blog has become such an artificial place for me to post happy feel good links from around the web (which I like doing at times) and nothing else, but I feel like I've lost myself. I feel like I don't share myself with the blogosphere. In my effort not overload readers with boring personal details and avoid sounding like an overly whiney diary of a college student, I completely omitted who I was as a whole.

That's not good.

I lost the balance between personal posting and pretty things and I'm sure it's confusing, like only getting parts of a mismatched larger picture.

I've been unhappy with Blogger and miss the days when I used to be so passionate about graphic design and web design. I missed the days where I was so determined and would spend hours at the computer teaching myself, researching, investigating, and dreaming. I've lost that. I miss that hard work I used to pour into every post or site layout. I miss designing for fun, for no good reason at all other than just to learn and improve.

I've plateaued and that scares me.

I need a space of the internet where I can share myself in just the right amount. Where I can share personal stories and thoughts. Where I can continue to dream and work hard. I need a change. I still have hopes, goals, and dreams as to how I can grow, but I'm not acting on them. I'm allowing these amazing things to stay static in my mind. I'm putting them up on a shelf for a rainy day, but it is now that I should take action.

I'm going change my layout...maybe even change my site as a whole.

I have big dreams and I plan on take the next few weeks to really re-build from the ground up and I hope that any readers I have will still be there when I return, better than ever.

The absence should be a short one, but when I return I'll be back to me.

You can expect a change in layout and post structure. It's going to be personal.

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  1. I find it hard to blog sometimes as well. We get so busy actually living the lives we blog about, it's hard to find time. It's also hard when you feel no one besides your mom reads your blog, haha which is why I'm leaving a comment! I love your blog layout and design and always enjoy your posts, whether they're personal or just about products you like. I look forward to the new Dearie Lovie!

  2. Awww, well I hope you get back to "being yourself". I have been there SO many times - again and again and again! and I know it's hard, so make plenty of time for YOU and find out how to "re-ignite" your excitement!
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with:)


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