March 04, 2012

Hi, Everyone. I gave the blog a little mini face lift and I'm already feeling better about my creative space! Hooray! On the right side bar, feel free to connect with me via social media. I've linked my Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts! Happy stalking! On the left, I've made the navigating the site a bit easier! Find DL features, sponsorship opportunities, and different ways to follow me!

Now let's get down to some serious business. One of my objectives was to find a way to share the appropriate amount of myself on this blog, so I desperately want to reintroduce myself to you all!


My name is Ashlee. I'm an 18 year old college student majoring in Graphic Design. I like to design things and I like to draw. I'm terribly interested in (sort of obsessed with) handmade/independent business women who take their creative passions and turn them into something wonderful (like a career...duh). Over the summer I took a part time office job and it was at that moment when I decided I'd pursue art in college. Truthfully, art scares ambitions scare me. So many people are judgmental of this choice. I cannot tell you how many times people will ask me 'what I'm going to do with that' career in art of mine. There are things that I'm better at, career paths that are much safer and that I'd be very successful at, but art makes me happy. So, as I was sitting there at my boring office job, I realized I'd better try to pursue my passion first. The safe road will always be there and at least if I failed, I could say I tried with everything I had.

So, I'm a college student attempting to chase after my dreams. I live three hours away from my family and five hours from my best friend C. C and I have been best friends since the fifth grade and I consider her my family. My favorite person in the world is probably my two (almost three) year old brother Jack. Being away from him is one of the hardest things about college. He lights up my life in the cheesiest way possible. My current beau/man friend/mister/squishy is a guy I like to call R. He puts up with me, so he basically deserves an award because to quote a Kimya Dawson song, "I'm a pretty impossible lady to be with." Currently, we're long distance and haven't been together all that long, but what can I say? He makes me happy too.

My days are spent being an average human being with some sparkly highlights in between the everyday mess. I'm not a morning person, I curse a lot, I go out, I sweat at the gym (when I make it to the gym), and I spend 98% of my life sporting a messy bun and some form of comfort pant (leggings, yoga pants, or sweats). When I do dress up I try to capture that. I'm one of the most organized messy people you'll meet. I lose absolutely everything. I'm deeply sarcastic and at times very stubborn. I get into creative ruts, but when I break through it's glorious. I'm bad about starting things and not finishing them. Yeah.

Currently, I'm throwing myself into creative projects, school work (because I've been slacking hard), sorority commitments, and planning for next fall. The current Rooms (my roommate) and I will be moving in to an apartment together and I'm thrilled to have my own space again!

For more about me and my blog click here.

Now that you know who I am, tell me all about you!  

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