Always, Sometimes, Never

June 18, 2012

I've done this before here♥ and since I'm such a fangirl over list-making I thought I might do another (and maybe more in the future). Here a few more things I always, sometimes, and never do.

I Always:

  • Start out the day with the best intentions
  • Spend too long in the bookstore
  • Want to cook something specific, but somehow never have the right ingredients
  • Make time for reflection during the day (even if it's just a couple minutes)
  • Check my fortune cookie for my lucky numbers (one of them has to be present) to see if the fortune on the other side is valid

I Sometimes:

  • Think doing one's hair is vastly overrated
  • Get a little more heated than I should over certain things
  • Like to eat breakfast alone
  • Take pleasure in letting my phone die and remain uncharged for hours just so I can come back to a few messages/notifications
  • Like to relive my childhood with Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 and 90's on Teen Nick at night

I Never:

  • Paint my nails as well as I think I should be capable of doing by now at age 19
  • Stop wondering if I'm making the right decisions in my life
  • Think the words "I'm sorry" alone are ever enough
  • Realized how fortunate I was until I got out in to the real world a bit
  • Sleep with less than three pillows (I'm pretty sure I have 7 or 8 on my bed)

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  1. I also never paint my nails as good as I think I should... and I'm 21, lol! And I could spend all day in a book store, there's so much to see! :)

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