Brother + Sister Style Week 5

June 19, 2012

I know it feels like Week 4 was posted just yesterday, but the truth is Jack and I were way behind last week. This week we're right back on schedule and hope to stay on schedule. Our theme this week is simply 'Black + Blue.' Enjoy!

This week it was super windy while we were snapping away pictures our pictures, but the show went on. I love the feel of this shot. It's easy-going. Jack and I are just talking, having a good ole Brother + Sister time in front of Jack's favorite fence.

This is probably my favorite photo of the bunch. Truly, there is just between me and this little guy. As much a we fight (I don't care if I am 19 and he's nearly 3 there are still many bouts of sibling bickering that go on), we love each other even harder. He's my nugget and I'm his sissy who he likes to now call 'dork'. 

This is actually a real hug. I'm wearing a ridiculously goofy cheese smile because he's actually hugging me without me having to ask. Underneath my mane he's rocking the coy smile. Atta boy!

I love to kiss this nugget, unfortunately the more he grows up the more he resists my sisterly smooches. This may look sweet, but I swear I'm using every bit of my strength to keep him from pulling away and running for his life. Haha! That's the breaks. 

This week Jack was a more cooperative (yay) and I actually managed to get a solo shot of him, unlike last week. This week he's rocking a royal blue polo button up and black jumping bean athletic shorts (oh, and don't forget this fistfuls of grass).

On the flip-side, it was me who didn't get a good solo shot this week. So here I present to you a pic stitch of my outfit via my iPhone. This week I'm donning an Xhilartaion top via Target, a white camisole, my Tridelt + Razorback necklace via That's Greek to Me, skinny jeans via Rue21, Mossimo Supply Co printed flats via Target, teal + gold toes, glasses, and 6 Laura + Lily bracelets via the Bimini Butterfly

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