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June 24, 2012

My Obvious State poster came in a week or two ago and I just finally got around to finding a temporary home for it

Sleepy Spot

Usual routine at the grocery store

Teal toes and new shoes (worn in this Bro+Sis post)

Someone I know (*cough* Jack ) got into their sissy's craft box and had a lot of fun with some red glitter...all over the living room...can you see those little incriminating foot prints?

Running errands. Jack is saying, "cheese!"

Sunny afternoons look a little something like toes flyin' at me!

Momma went to Florida for a work trip. Bed time has been a challenge. Found him like this in the living room. Sigh.

It's been pretty quiet around these parts as of the late. It's just Jack and I living our day to day, going to the grocery store, playing outside, and cleaning up lots of messes and spills. Our mother has been on a work related trip for the past few days so this sister has been on double duty. I already feel like his second mom on a normal basis, but I've felt like it even more so these past two or three days. I love him to death and will miss him so much when I ship back out to college (the date nears closer and closer), so I'm learning to just embrace all things and let go. I've been told I'm uptight. Go figure.

Wishing you the happiest of weeks ahead!

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