A Look Into My Little Black Book

July 21, 2012

1. Opening Page / Quote By Sylvia Plath
2. Virgin Suicides Quotes
3. Project Plan Page For Graphic Design
4. Exploring Logos For Dearie Lovie
5. Poetry Fills Up The Time In Between
6. Jack's Masterpiece / Contribution

No, not THAT little black book (does anyone actually have those anymore or is that really more of an outdated expression?). I may have mentioned a time or two that all of my journals for my truly random needs are black. I like the simplicity. I'm nearing the end of this journal, which is actually a small black sketchbook, so I thought you may want a little insight as to the kind of random things I put in said journal. This is my third black journal and I've yet to get enough although I recently purchased this journal to be filled up next.

I find it important I don't peg my journals into a category. It's open to whatever I need it to be. It's open to be a home to quotes that just stick with me, just about every type of list you can imagine, a place for sketches when I can't sleep, or fleshing out ideas in my Graphic Design classes. It's the place where poetry can be found and the place where I put add my little notes and scribbles (like my car information so I can register for a parking pass). It's a little messy slice of heaven.

Enjoy the randomness and enjoy your Saturday. My Saturday starts at a bright 6:30am and is busy as can be! You can follow my busy Saturday adventures via Instagram by clicking here or following @ashspring.

Do you keep a sketchbook or a journal? Is you random like mine or is it filled with actual sketches? Also, what are you up to on this lovely Saturday?


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  1. I love this! Reminds me so much of my sketch book. More writing than sketching!

  2. love the handwriting!


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