Life Lately - Saturday Adventure

July 22, 2012

Good morning. It's 7am.

Barnhill, my good friend. He works the Farmer's Market every Saturday and Jennifer and I like to pay him frequent visits.

I got to taste (and subsequently purchase) the yummiest cinnamon honey butter at this booth



Lounging at 9 in the morning

Food trucks lining the Farmer's Market

Sweet Dreams @ Anthropologie

My colorful and lovely friend Jennifer

Laying out

and taking some time to get our feet wet

Getting ready to head out for the evening

Baseball game

 I know Sunday is usually for sharing what's gone on during the week, but I took so many pictures of my very full Saturday that I couldn't help but share.

Yesterday started out bright and early. Working on two hours of sleep, Jenny picked me up around 7am and we headed to breakfast and then to the Farmer's Market (read about my first adventure out to the Farmer's Market here). One of Jenny and I's good friends Taylor Barnhill (or just 'Barnhill' to me because his girlfriend's name is also Taylor) works the Farmer's Market every Saturday along with his family members. His family owns an orchard/farm on the outskirts of town and they sell all of their many spoils in different locations around the vicinity. We like to go and bother him mostly. Haha. Jenny swears up and down he has the best watermelons she's ever had and I swear up and down they have the best peaches.

At the Farmer's Market I picked up some veggies and at a stall two down from Barnhill's a man with the most awesomely enthusiastic British accent asked me to "go ahead and sample my honey-butter!" (please tell me you just read that in a British accent!) I did try his honey-butter...and then I died. So, there was no question that I had to buy a jar of his cinnamon honey-butter. Dang those free samples. It's now my newest obsession.

After the Farmer's Market, Jenny and I decided to shop for several hours. I picked up a pair of heels, red jeans, a new sweater, a tank-top, canvases, and paint. After a long three or four hours of shopping bliss, we decided to soak up some sun. So for two hours we retreated to the water, a much needed escape.

At 7, we met Barnhill and his girlfriend Taylor in Little Rock to take in a Traveler's baseball game. It wasn't too hot out and it was nice to spend time with friends. Baseball is one of my favorite sports. We had one of the best views of the city. After the game, we went for a late dinner which was unquestionably delicious and then headed back to Barnhill's house to meet a slew of other friends. We hung out with all of them and allowed the shennanigans to continue until about two in the morning. I was exhausted, but full...full of life and energy and freedom. I was full of happiness.

Have you been on any adventures recently?

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  1. Uhh this farmers market looks amazing! Great pictures. Wish I was swimming with you!!


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