Brother + Sister Style Week 8

July 10, 2012

It's our 8th week and I'm still in love with this project! This week Jack and I managed to get out nice and early while it wasn't too hot. Rather, it was bright and hazy. We kept it simple, going with the theme 'plaid' this week! Plaid shirts somehow never go out of style and I'm not quite sure why. Either way, enjoy! 

Jack got a hair cut this week! Can you tell? It makes him look less like a baby and more like a little boy! He'll be three in just a matter of days and I can't stand thinking of my little nugget growing up! He's so big and tall for his age. As of now, he's still two people! Check out that big two year old! Haha. Just kidding. However, the hair cut paired with the upcoming birthday are constant reminders of how old he's getting. Next time I look up he'll be in kindergarten! Oh, goodness.

Jack has mastered the funny face recently + the good ole fashioned sticking out of the tongue. What a mess. 

He was intent with climbing the fence again this week. Le sigh. He thinks he's SO COOL when he does said action (hence the caption on this). Personally, I've never met a cooler two -almost- three year old. 

Jack likes saying hello to the camera and pulling my hair at the same time while "holding me." Psh. Like he's doing all the work here. You trying holding that ginormous wiggly two -almost- three year old on your hip for more than thirty seconds. I have only two words: WORK. OUT.

Jack, along with his half funny face, is wearing a Hanes wife beater, a plaid Ralph Lauren shirt (unbuttoned), and a pair of Ralph Lauren Polo khakis. Watch out ladies, I think we may have a heart breaker on the loose. Who could resist the funny face?

This week, in addition to my battle wounds (see also: scarred up knees), I'm sporting my everyday BKE jean shorts, an old navy button up shirt, a side braid, and a smile!

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  1. okay, these pictures are absolutely adorable!!!
    i love the way you edited them with the words!
    xo TJ

  2. This is so cute. There is 11 years difference between me and my youngest sister, so I can relate to being the big big sister, if you know what I mean. Kinda cool to see them grow up and to really be able to appreciate it along the way. :)

    1. I totally understand what you mean! Sometimes I feel more like his mother (and often mistook for such) rather than his sister. He's my favorite person in the world though!

    2. Ha ha! I was totally getting that mom vibe too when my sister was younger.

  3. This is the sweetest thing!
    Your brother is so sweet!

    definitely checking the rest of our brother + sister style***

    Ana Luisa

  4. Seriously, this is the sweetest idea I've ever seen. You both are going to cherish these pictures and posts years from now. What a great idea. :)


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