Go On a Date By Myself...NOT DONE.

July 09, 2012

You know Saturday when I posted about this peaceful, blissful and even busy morning I had in store for myself? Not only was I hoping to catch up on some 'me' time, but I was hoping to take pictures of this little date I had in my mind for myself...treating myself to all the things I love (for #20 on the list).

Well, about that....things certainly did not go as planned.

1. Hello, it's 8 in the morning. *eyebrow raise* | 2. Getting presentable

The morning started out relatively promising. I got up early, made myself presentable to the general public, and packed up everything I would need for a morning on the town with just good ole me (phone, keys, wallet, moolah, and book). I walked outside and it wasn't a million degrees, as per the usual. Instead it was cloudy and humid. My hair was starting to frizz and I could hear the low rumbles of thunder as a huge dark cloud beginning to move overhead.

JUST GREAT. It literally does not rain for a month and the one day I want to get out and do things, it wants to rain on me? Typical. 

3. Looking presentable and about to head out | 4. Yummy breakfast menu

I was hopeful though. I got in the car and started off to breakfast at a little diner in town. When I got there, it still had not rained. Whew. I went in to the diner only to be met by a huge pack of people. Every table seemed full, swarmed with food and loud children. There were families, couples, and waitresses moving every which way at rapid speed. What had I gotten myself in to? After politely scanning the room for a single or two person seat, the only option left available to me was a four person table smack dab in the front of the restaurant near the door.

I wasn't too keen on it, but I was going to have a lovely breakfast, start my book, and enjoy this whole experience damn it. This was ME time and I was going to enjoy it front and center apparently. I sat down and a waitress kindly got my order. I snapped a photo or two. Then as I began to wait, because goodness knows it was going to be awhile, I started my newest book The Night Circus. 

In the midst of reading more and more people kept showing up, at a loss for where to sit. Not only did I feel guilty for hoarding a table for four right in front of these people with nowhere to sit, but I could feel their eyes on me, their judgmental glares. I tried to keep my nose buried in my book, but still I felt their brief unsatisfactory stares. Let me tell you people, it feels so much more publicly unacceptable to eat breakfast alone now that I'm not at college (where every other person is by themselves and no one cares if you're eating alone) and am surrounded by families. I saw people stare at me as I sat down upon arriving and even the waitress implied with such her tone, "Oh,  just you?" that I was a little out-of-place.

Just as my plate of food arrived, the manager walked up to me in a frenzy, the place more than just overcrowded, "Young lady, do you mind if we have some people join you?" "Uhhh...sure. I don't mind," I returned. Really, I wasn't overly excited about having strangers sit with me, but it wasn't the end of the world. I was hogging an entire table. It ended up being two nice older ladies who were extremely pleasant. They were quick to ask me if I was from the area and all about my college/major. The only downside to their company was that I couldn't snap any pictures without seeming strange and I couldn't read any more of my book (I was trying so hard to be as polite and as non-awkward as possible). They were the chatty type, so I didn't want to have to explain about my blog or about how I was on a date by myself. Oh goodness no. 

5. Upon walking out of the restaurant | 6. Rainy shot from in the car on the way home

By the time I left it had started to rain, putting a damper on my outdoorsy plans. The park was out and the Farmer's Market too. So, I called it quits and headed back home. I may not have accomplished what I set out to do, but I'm hoping to try again really soon! Here's to things never working out as planned. Hoorah. 

Oh...and by that afternoon the rain stopped and it was 100 degrees again with more intolerable humidity than you would believe (thanks rain). The End.

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  1. kudos for the effort. and yes eating alone out of college is just plain awkward. People staring creeps me out, haha. Good luck next time :)


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