Just To Lighten The Mood

July 05, 2012

top left: OH MY GOD HI! 
top right: Ehhhh / Ayyyy
 bottom right: Ahahahahaha! *snort*
 bottom left: I just want to snuggle your face

I think everyone should take a good minute to quit being so serious and take a few silly photos. How about it? Hear me out here. A few days ago, I was attempting to get all dolled up and a wave of stress hit me. The house was a disaster, I hadn't had lunch, and the to-do's were piling. Beauty-wise, I had on a dress that just wasn't hanging right, red lipstick that I thougth looked utterly ridiculous, and I was in a fit over how unruly my hair was being. BLAH. When Jack begged to go outside, my first urge to yell for the hundredth time "No! It's too hot out there! You'll burn up!" was overshadowed by own desire to get out of the house (even for just five minutes). 

It was good to get outside and stand in the freshly mowed yard barefoot and let the wind do what it would with my already unruly hair. I let go for a second. Jack then begged, "Can we please take pictures sissy?" How could I say 'no'? So, I obliged and for the next five to ten minutes we snapped away, taking lots of pictures. We snapped happy ones and crazy ones.We made silly faces to the camera and played around in the backyard, him even taking a turn to push me on the swing.

Looking through all the silly pictures later, made me laugh SO hard. I was dying over the ridiculousness...but I guess it's always a fantastic reminder to never take yourself too seriously.

So next time you're frustrated, bored, or stressed maybe step outside, take a breathe, and snap about fifteen hilarious pictures (not caring how they turn out). No matter if you keep 'em, delete 'em, or collage 'em (as I have done), you'll feel better, promise!

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  1. aw haha that's such a great way to get rid of your troubles!
    xo dana
    from wonder forest

  2. aw, you are so darling! and it's true! it's all about taking a few moments and remembering the silly things in life!
    xo TJ


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