July 13, 2012

(excuse the frizz)

First off can I say Happy Friday the 13th?! Haha. Okay I'm done, on with the post. I'm definitely not the first person to do a type of post like this. So, I give my credit to Abby over at AGeekTragedy for inspiring me to do a post of my own little set of letters. So without further ado here's what I'd like to say to a few people/things at the current moment:

Dear Online-Amazing-Sale Shoes, thank you for being so gosh darn amazing in person too! Thanks for fitting my feet perfectly even though I debated going up a size and for being comfy despite the height! I look forward to parading you around college and my sorority house during chapter.

Dear Dad, thanks for continually funding my make-up and magazine habit. Sometimes nights just call for a stop at Walgreens to load up on the new issues.

Dear Student Loan Rep at the Bank, thank you for being so pleasant and kind even though I forgot to write down my username and password for the site like an idiot. You were so efficient and didn't try to small talk my ear off. I appreciate it and your help.

Dear Jack, I cannot believe tomorrow you'll be three years old. How did that happen? You're so big and you're only gonna get bigger. Sigh. Also, will you PLEASE take yours naps any time before five in the afternoon?

Dear Favorite Lipbalm & Mascara, how on Earth do you run out so quickly?! I'd love to know.

Dear Waitress at the New Restaurant in Town, you were awful and inattentive. If it were up to me I wouldn't have left you a tip. Out of three orders, two were completely screwed up and not fixed/mitigated. Ugh.

Dear POP Pilates Videos, thank you kicking my butt here recently and for having so many video available for me to try. Trying to lose that freshman fifteen (which is all too real) has been a reallll pain, but every day I manage to somehow get my sweat on because of you and your ever perky and inspiring host Cassey Ho.

Dear Carpet, with me trying to do POP Pilates on you everyday, I've come to realize how dirty you are. You're in need of a deep clean like yesterday.

Love, Ashlee

What would you like to say to some people/things here lately?

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  1. haha thats awesome your dad takes you out to buy makeup and magazines. And I've never been a fan of carpet either... so. much. hair on the floor. happy friday the thirteenth!


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