On Creating a Night Time Routine

July 12, 2012

Lately, I've been trying to get myself in a good nightly routine before heading back to college. As much as I like spontaneity, I feel like my all-over-the-place methods for catching some shut eye over the years haven't been very effective in recharging for the next day. Sleep is super important to me and I know that the more of it I get, the less cranky and tired I'll be the next day. So, recently, I've been on the hunt trying to find the best night time routine for myself.

Nice comfy bed waiting to be crawled in | This is my bedding if you were curious (it's reversed)

I'm someone who never has a set bed time. I prefer going to bed early in the 9-11 window, but will make exceptions if I'm pushing myself to complete school work or if I'm just feeling extra inspired or energetic and decide to run with it. When I'm at college my sleep schedule is MAJORLY out of whack. One night I'll go to bed at nine and the next I'm up until two or three in the morning. I take naps during the day sometimes. I'd say my general bed time in college is somewhere around midnight.

I'm trying to do better this next year. Perhaps, if I get myself into a good bed time routine I won't feel as lethargic or stressed out during the school days where I need to feel alert and attentive. I find that after taking a hot shower (sometimes this happens), washing my face (I literally cannot hit the sheets unless I do this. It only took me 18 years to train myself), and brushing my teeth (another must) I feel more ready to crash. I feel clean and soft and drowsy.

Twinnings English Breakfast Tea | Winding down for the night

On nights that I'm feeling excessively energetic or inspired, I try to detatch myself from the computer. I've been incorporating tea and journaling into my night time routine and it's the perfect thing to allow me to get out thoughts and ideas (and the illusion that I'm still being wildly productive) without overstimulating myself in front of a bright screen.

Also, I find that working out during the night time does wonders for me. I feel worn out and good about the work that I've done after spilling some sweat. If I work out, take a hot shower, and try to settle in with tea I'll be an instant goner.

Organized deskspace | Right by my bed. My phone goes right by the remote to charge as I snooze

Also, I find that I can rest easier when my room (or at least parts of it) aren't in an utter state of chaos. My brain can focus on something else besides the clothes piled up on the floor the wreck my desk has become. So, I find it important to tidy up just a wee bit before bed. It's another good way to tire myself out.

As far as TV, music, or going completely without...I can do any of them. If I watch TV, I make sure to have the sleep timer on. There is nothing more annoying than waking up at 3AM with the TV blaring and bright. No thanks. Music is also nice, if it's soft and set to a playlist that will end in a reasonable time frame (again, I've never been more annoyed than waking up mid-nap, mid-song). During college I usually go without either method. I wear myself out much easier, so it's easy for me to pop in to bed and hit the sheets without the need for background noise or entertainment.

What's your bed time routine like?

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  1. I've never really had a bed time routine either, but I like the idea of having good habits before I go to bed. I think I need to start getting off of my computer and tv at least an hour before bed!


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