That Awesome Time I SCORED On a Pair of Shoes

July 06, 2012

I'm a self-admitted product stalker...or as I prefer to call myself 'product luster.' If I see something I want online, then begins the long torrid love affair between me and whatever it may be. I was always taught to shop smart. I was taught to be mostly frugal, splurging on the needs and skipping out on the most frivolous full-priced wants (and being in college only greatly reaffirmed this ideology).   

I immediately spend a good five minutes salivating over said item, browsing the store/shop for anything I may like better and taking note of any discounts. Then, if I've still decided I can't live without it, I bookmark. Over the next few days, weeks, or maybe even months I'll revisit the bookmark and determine if I can swing it or not. Sometimes after a few weeks the product has completely worn off on me and I no longer consider myself as 'having to have it.' I may then delete the bookmark. 

The items that I'm in love with either become necessities over time and I'll begin to save or wait for a good sale (delayed reward system) or the item remains a frivolous, beautiful way-too-darn-expensive want forever trapped on the bookmark bar to serve as inspiration.

I've had my eyes on these shoes for a couple weeks. I'd been looking for a black shoe and the thought of a dreamy platform really couldn't escape my mind. I took notice of these beauties and was really pleased. What I was not entirely pleased with? The nearly $60 price tag. Granted, I've spent a lot more on shoes and am definitely not against spending good money on a good shoe. However, I'm preparing for college again and dropping $50-$60 on a pair of platform shoes right now was/is highly impractical at the moment. Also, I've never bought from Blowfish, so I was a little uncomfortable on dropping said money on a shoe I was having some minor doubts about. But boy, were they dreamy and pretty in every. single. color. 

I stalked and I stalked, my love only growing when I spotted a red pair on Kara of IJME

Then, the amazing happened. SALE TIME! The shoes were marked down from a cool $59 to an awesome $38 dollars (which felt more justifiable with free shipping). Commence even more savings with their July sale promo of 30% off. I ended up knocking off another $11.40 from that $38 price tag. My final result was $26.60 + free shipping.

I snagged a $59 pair of shoes for $26.60 which is over 50% savings (meaning I could have bought two pairs for less than the original price)! I am so excited and totally over the moon about my purchase. As much as I would have loved these in red or blue, I felt like I could wear black much more often. 

My motto is just to wait it out and strike when the iron is hot on certain things. Sometimes that iron will heat up rather fast and sometimes it may never get hot at all. It's one big game of roulette. Also, I feel it fair to mention that by no means do I shop exclusively sale items (that's such a joke really). Equally, sometimes you just have to give in and splurge when you can swing it. If you're interested, you can read another bit about my frugality here.

What deals or recent purchases have you snagged up lately? Also, what's the best deal you get consistently or of all time? I'd love to know!

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