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December 25, 2012

Cookies for Santa!

Holiday baking

Traveling to see family

"I'm dreamin' of a white Christmas..."

Christmas 2012 is in the books and it was an amazing, blessed fun day filled with family and smiles. Things were different this year since my Nana passed away. Not having her around this Christmas was hard, but we kept our best faces forward for Jack. Jack enjoyed every last gift from Santa! He woke me up and seeing his face light up with sheer joy at the presents piled under his little Christmas tree was amazingly special. He immediately grabbed a present and went to work opening it. He would say 'I wonder what this one is! It's kinda heavy!' excitedly with every present he picked up. In addition to present opening, we got to enjoy so much good food and family time and I simply wouldn't trade a second of it!

Not to mention  it snowed for the first time on Christmas day in over 70 years here in Arkansas. It's been coming down like crazy for the past few hours and everything is in a state of white wintry bliss! Jack is mesmerized and he looks forward to watching making snow angels and a snowman if we get a few more inches!

Currently, I'm cuddled up in a pair of new leggings with a cup of hot chocolate, group texting my friends that are currently afar making plans for when we're back together again. Life is slow and sweet these days and I'm in no rush at all.

Hope you all had an equally amazing Christmas!

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