Goals on Goals for 2013

January 07, 2013


Obviously, I'm a 'goals girl.' Ihave forty goals that I'm trying to complete before I turn twenty, after all. You'd think that would be enough to keep me busy, but you'd be wrong. With the New Year, come new goals (I solidly prefer not to refer to them as resolutions). So, here are two of mine for 2013:

Run a 5k
Ever since I can remember, I've hated running. In fact, hate isn't even a strong enough word. I loathed running with every bit of my entire being. So, why would a girl who absolutely detests running make one of her goals to run a 5k, you may ask? To prove I can.

The time in my life where I was most in shape was due to the fact that I was running everyday for softball. Conditioning was kicking my ass into shape, and no matter how much I hated running I was appreciative for the body it gave me. Back then, it allowed me to eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight.

I want to try a Couch to 5k program. It looks totally doable (three workouts a week) and with one of my 40by20 goals being to lose twenty pounds it seems like the perfect goal to take on.

Start to Budget/Save Money
This is a big one for me. Being a college student who is pursuing a degree in art, I am always wary of the future. I am constantly worried about securing a job after college and the thought of beginning to pay back my ever increasing student loans after school ends basically makes me want to vomit.

I've never been a saver, ever, but I figure it's time to start cutting back and making a budget (so even if I don't have that job secured after college at least I'll have money to put towards paying off my loans and a little money to live on). I've made a goal to save $500 in one year. I figure it's a totally manageable and practical goal. If I save $10 a week every week of the year I'll have $520 saved!

Also, I'm wanting to try and deal with actual cash more often. I'm the debit card swiper through and through, and it's so easy to forget exactly how much you're spending when no money actually leaves your hands (in the literal sense). I can't tell you how many times it's been the end of the month and I have $50 left in my account and need a little help from my father. It's time to get smarter about my moolah. 

Do you have any new goals for 2013?

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