52 Lists | Week 1

January 09, 2013

I'm a list-maker. I always have been. Granted I lose a to-do list just about as fast as I can make one, but that's not entirely the point. Combine my list making tendencies and my desire for a new/consistent project to blog about in 2013 and you get Moorea Seal's 52 Lists. With all of the 365 projects going around the blog-sphere I've been inspired as ever, but knowing that I can't commit to something that large scale at the moment (or maybe ever) really bummed me out. That's why when I discovered this project I was instantly overjoyed and committed. I'm talking a full on hallelujah moment here people!

Here is my list for the week. The prompt is 'Words That Touch Your Soul'

And because I know my handwriting can be hard to read and picture quality can be questionable here are what each individual column says:

Column 1: lovely, family, wanderlust, allegory, intrepid, limbs, friendship, purposeful, happiness, cozy, placid, love, forever, desire, captivate, downfall, torturous, canoodle, warm, instant, progress

Column 2: Jack, forgiveness, creativity, passionate, ethereal, mundane, expanse, freedom, indiscretion, wholeness, routine, reclaim, wisdom, intrigue, imperfection, frozen, dreams, riveting, controversy, decanter, effortless, regard

Column 3: escape, health, innovative, inspiration, design, independence, constitution, livelihood, commitment, childhood, comfortable, numb, beat, delicate, serendipity, tragic, want, romantic, overcome, fearless, wit, gratuitous

Column 4: Nan, patience, academia, dearie, alone, exist, alive, imaginative, colorful, follow-through, adventure, restoration, heart, listlessness, flawed, capture, timeless, struggle, remarkable, class, insightful, lethargic, content

So, are any of you participating in any projects here lately?! Tell me 'bout it!

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  1. SO wonderful! so glad I found your blog and that you are joining in! I'm looking forward to seeing all of the lists that everyone creates over the year. Do you mind if I link up to this in my post? I've created a little link up section that will appear at the bottom of each post of the 52 lists series. That way we can all visit each others blogs!
    xo Moorea

  2. I'm joining in as well! I adore Moorea and her blog (AND her shop, hehe!) so when I saw that she put together a new series, and one I can join in on, that had to do with lists?! I was over the moon!

    I love your list. I see many words that touch my soul in your list as well, especially: cozy, forever, ethereal, health, alive, imaginative, colorful and so many others. Also? You have fab handwriting!

  3. Great and inspiring words you have listed!! I love each and every one of them. Wish I would have written some more!! But then my list would have been days and days long.

    Great list!


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