Small Things To Take Comfort In

January 30, 2013

(finally started this this past week)

Is it just me, or is it too easy to get totally wrapped into the big picture aspects of life? I'm totally guilty of looking at the end results of things in life (essays, weight loss, goals) and being frustrated when I'm not automatically there. It's so easy to feel failure or disappointment, over success and contentment. It's also so easy to ignore the small things that push us along the every day trail, the small successes that eventually lead us to the bigger picture. I think, though, that if we zeroed in on these small things more often we would feel a lot more satisfied.

So here are a list of some recent small successes:

  • Starting and completing new books
  • Curating my poetry
  • Not missing an episode of Vampire Diaries this season
  • Going to all of my classes so far this semester
  • Discovering and finding comfort in tea (lots and lots of tea)
  • Staying pretty true to my low carb lifestyle 
  • Fitting back into medium sized shirts as a result of the above
  • Knowing when I need to be alone, learning small ways to cope (even if that means going to bookstore alone because there's no one to rush you and getting a gluten free cupcake because it's a Friday and it's been shitty one at that)
  • Making budgets for the new year
  • Trying to make efforts to reach out to friends though I feel vulnerable
  • Going to the gym a few times a week (like one or two)
  • Going on that 3 mile hike
  • Cooking more, going out to eat less
  • Making lists and lists and lists
  • Getting back on the blogging train this week, though I've been nervous and resistant 
  • Writing to stories, even if they will never go anywhere

What are some recent small successes for you this week? 

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