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February 06, 2013

(we're the silliest two)

Happy hump day! It's the middle of the week and things could not be busier on the school front, but I wanted to drop in before this week got totally away from me. 

This past weekend I decided to go home, because I'm just one of those people who need to see their family more than two or three months at a time. Going home was exactly what I needed. I got to get away from the mounting stress of schoolwork and the drama of friendships and just be around people who genuinely love me. There are few feelings better or comparable to selfless, genuine love. 

I am endlessly grateful for my family and especially my baby nugget Jack. 

While I was home, Jack told me that he wanted to start receiving letters from me (because every time someone checks the mail he asks, "Anything for me in there?" It's beyond adorable). Monday I sent him a big blue monster card with a picture and a little note. He got it Tuesday and according to my mother he was ecstatic and made her hang them on the wall so that they'd be "special." They sent me a video of it and it made me ridiculously happy. I'm such a sucker for that little one.

I have two more cards waiting to send to him, addressed and stamped. It's taking everything in me not to send them both at once! I like this 'card a week' idea. It makes me feel close to home.

Here's to hump day and getting over it!

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