June 28, 2013

Reading: Still in the middle of Defining the Decade and re-reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I needed something a little more lighthearted and Defining the Decade keeps disappearing. I swear it does NOT want to be read. It's been lost at least twice for weeks at a time and is currently nowhere to be found. So until I find it, Harry Potter you're it.

Watching: True Blood and Teen Wolf. Yep, I've allowed vampires and teenage werewolves to dominate my TV time. How cool am I? With True Blood season 6 airing two weeks ago, It's been my go-to every Sunday night. Eric Northman is my guilty pleasure. Since finishing Hemlock Grove (when will there be a season 2?!), I felt the urge to start something new on Netflix. I've always been intrigued by MTV's Teen Wolf, but have never made time to make it part of my TV repertoire. I heard good reviews from fellow peers, so I decided to give it a shot. It's decidedly something I would've liked a lot better at age 16 or 17, but still, it's really pretty good. I watched Season 1 on Netflix in about two days, took a two week break, and am now immersed somewhere in the middle of Season 2 and totally hooked. Season 3 just started airing on TV not long ago, so I hope to catch up soon. Literally everyone on that show is eye candy to me. Goodness.

Listening To: Thanks to Liz's recommendation, Night Beds entire has been on repeat around these parts. It's good background music, thoughtful and lovely, to work to. In addition to them, I've been throwing it back with a little Metro Station (Remember 'shake shake, shake shake sh-shake it'? Nope, just me?), getting Wild for the Night with ASAP Rocky, remembering people with Zulu Winter and getting drunk with Eli Young Band. Also, The Maine (an old favorite band of mine) has put out a new album entitled Forever Halloween I'm interested in looking into!

Thinking About: Google Reader shutting down, days by the pool, things I need for college, a potential lab puppy in our future, utilizing time with Jack, sorority living, upcoming posts, milkmaid braids, healthy living, the 4th of July, Jack's upcoming birthday, new music, and trying to define my brand/style.

Admiring: This Blog, This Update, and This Shop

Post inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet

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  1. Anonymous6/28/2013

    I may be the only one that's not thinking about Google Reader (everyone else is talking about it!). But I'm always thinking about my brand/voice! Such a tough thing to define. And the 4th? I'm totally thinking about that! I can't wait (hubby gets a long weekend!).


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