Things I Wish I Would've Embraced Sooner

June 26, 2013

Back in March I made a little list about what I would tell my teenage self. This month, I hope to kind of continue from there and write about a few things I wish I would've done or embraced sooner.

  1. Better skincare routine - Seriously, all those years of not caring about my skin could've just been solved if I would've listened to my mother. My parents bought me all the acne medication in the world, but I was never consistent or reliable enough to use any of it for more than a week or two at a time. Just because I wasn't a pizza face, I didn't think my skin was really a big deal. That is until I got into college and was sick of seeing all these girls with flawless faces. I was sick of having at least one blemish consistently on my face and a crop of blackheads on my chin. So, I invested in a Clarisonic and started to wash my face routinely and remove my make-up at night. Nearly two years later and my skin is in a much better place. I've now even considered anti-aging skincare, just because I've realized that I want this skin to last!
  2. Differentiating the 'yes' things and 'no' things - I was saying 'yes' to all the wrong things when I got to college. I was trying to keep up with my peers and was saying yes to nights out nearly every night of the week. I was running here and there trying to be the social butterfly I never quite was in high school. I was saying yes to skipping class for cathartic trips to the mall, pricey lunch dates, and general goofing off. I thought just because I was saying 'yes,' I was going about things so positively. I was embracing the world and everything that came at me, right? Wrong. By saying 'yes' to all of the wrong things, I was inherently saying 'no' to things like study groups, going to class, homework, the gym, saving money, and other philanthropic efforts. In addition to that, I was still so shy about putting myself out there artistically. I wouldn't take on projects because I wasn't sure I was capable of taking on the challenge. I wanted to...but what if I couldn't deliver? Those were the types of risks I should've been saying 'yes' to, not skipping class in favor of going to brunch with my sisters. I feel like I have a much better grasp on things now. 
  3. Driving - Here's a little secret for you, I didn't drive consistently until Sophomore year of college. Embarrassing, right? Unlike my peers, I had absolutely ZERO interest in getting behind the wheel. I was more than happy to let someone else...hell...anyone else take the driver's seat. I got my permit and my driver's license on time with the rest of my classmates and friends. I even had a car to drive that was mine. However, I rarely drove and didn't take a car to school freshman year of college. I told everyone it was a money saving measure, and it was, but that wasn't the main motivation for not bringing it along. It wasn't until I decided to move into an apartment and commute to school during my Sophomore year that it become a priority that I drive. Everyday for nearly two months my parents made me get out of the house and drive for about an hour. I got more comfortable with it, but the first few months of school were rough. I didn't have experience and everywhere I went needed to be Googled beforehand. My friends were supportive and the more I drove, the more of a non-factor it became. I now actually enjoy it, or rather, don't mind or notice it and am more confident in my abilities. 
  4. That being yourself is enough - I wish I hadn't been such a people pleaser. I wish I wouldn't have torn myself down in the favor of or for the validation of others on certain occasions. The statement of 'being yourself is enough' covers many facets from love to profession to friendships. We should strive first and foremost to remember that this our journey and we are ever evolving and changing. We may not have a clue as to why or what, but as long as you're actively striving to figure it out - that is enough. Hard work and your vision is enough. Your beauty, whatever type it may be, is enough for someone out there in the world as long as it is first enough for yourself. Friendships don't have to end over differing opinions and you shouldn't feel the pressure to conform or have the other person conform. Your beliefs and ideals are enough. They do not need validation or agreement. All you can do is put forth yourself in the best way you can muster and know that it is enough. I wish I would've embraced this ideology sooner.
  5. My body - Sure, I wish I could be thinner or do this or that to my appearance. Everyone wants to be the best possible version of themselves and a little self motivated, self improvement never really hurt anybody. However, it has taken me up until now to fully embrace and accept my body as it is. For the first time, I'm comfortable. It's ridiculous to me now, that it took me getting to my heaviest weight to finally embrace my body and quit being so unbelievably embarrassed and self conscious. I'm on a bit of journey to live a healthier sort of life and have lost weight since my heaviest weight, but I'm in no rush to see a certain number on the scale or see myself in a certain size. I'm happy with taking it slow and embracing the body type I have. Before, I was so frustrated trying to shop for things I liked, but didn't quite suit my body (it still happens from time to time). Instead of moping, I've realized that there are cute things out there that accentuate my body type and I've really tried to hone in on what that is and not settle for something I only feel sub-par in. It's made a world of difference. 

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  1. Anonymous6/26/2013

    The yes things v. no things- that is so me. I've never been very good at that: it's so hard! But an important skill to have as a responsible adult.


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