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July 13, 2013

You may be wondering, is this girl like 8 years old? But, no, I'm 20 and happen to think fake tattoos were and continue to be the coolest. I'm one of those people who constantly need change. Couple that with a habit of being indecisive and you'll understand why I haven't committed to a real tattoo. I've never really grown aspiring to have one, but that more I grow and change, the more I see the possibility and the beauty there.

I have such an appreciation for well done tattoos - small ones, meaningful ones, big ones, intricate ones, simple ones. You name it. So, for the past few months I've been thinking about what I would get if I ever decided to get a tattoo. I've been thinking about getting a triangle, which is so exceptionally representative of multiple facets of my life and in addition, will satiate my love of simplicity, geometry, and design.

But before I go running off to get inked up, I thought I might like to see what having a triangle tattoo on my body felt like. Also, experimenting with placement could never hurt a gal like me. Enter the totally rad solution of temporary tattoos. I'm loving this set in particular.

As I began searching for temporary tattoos I found some lovely little gems. So here are a few links to totally lust worthy temporary tats:

Spirit Ink Shop - ChevronHipster CollectionBig Dipper, Paper Plane
Pepper Ink - Vintage Floral Pack, Ampersands, Anatomical Heart, Geometric Sugar Skull w/ Floral Crown
Tattify - Wild Hearts Can't Be Tamed, Antlers, Anchors, Line Animals, 'Strength'
Tattly - Happy Hour, Names Crossed Out, Color Burst, Make it Happen, Camera, 'Smitten', Diamonds, Makers Gonna Make, Basically anything typographic
Burrowing Home Shop  - Fox and Squirrel, Deer and Bees, Feathers and Rabbit, Skull and Snake,

So, what do you think? Would you ever rock a temporary tattoo?

P.S. - this is my 400th blog post! HOORAY!

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  1. I've never aspired to getting a real tattoo but I love the idea of using fake tattoos! Those ones are super cute!

  2. I like this, I'm going to have to pin this post! I'd tattoos but I don't think I can committee to one... I'm always changing my mind!


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