Recap: The 4th of July

July 06, 2013

Seriously guys, the 4th of July was magical. It was such a good day and there so much to celebrate. First off, as I mentioned before, it was my father's birthday. Secondly, I got to be reunited with one of my closest and longest friends, Jennifer (who makes a cameo in this post from 2 years ago). She stayed in Fayetteville (our college town) for summer classes and her new job. It's been a really long month and a half without her. Thankfully, she's back for the foreseeable future, until we both go back to Fayetteville for college in the fall. I look forward to so many adventures with her.

After we shopped no less than three malls and had lunch, I returned back home just in time for fireworks. This is Jack's first time really experiencing the fireworks. He was exceptionally cautious and wary about them. Anything that's too loud or too bright or too different, is scary  to him in this very aware stage of being. However, he quickly realized they were fun! He wanted to do all of the sparklers and was in awe over the local big fireworks show we attended. He was all claps, smiles, and funny commentary. A 3 year old's firework commentary is pretty great. Haha! Everything was "sooo shiny, sparkly, and pretty!"

Also, as you can see I decided to get a little festive for the day. I wore my D.I.Y USA Shorts, which I got no less than ten compliments on from my 9 year old cousin to nearly every cashier at the mall. And my mother said I looked ridiculous. Haha! If you ask me, that is the best $5 I've ever spent making those shorts. I wore a t-shirt I've had since I was young, which I used to wear at night. It's a t-shirt from my Dad's proverbial hometown Pleasent Hill, Illinois (where much of our family still lives) celebrating the Fourth of July. It's nice and worn in. Also, red lips made an appearance with the help of Maybelline's #625 "Are You Red-dy."

The 4th was wonderful in so many ways.

How was your 4th of July? What did you? I'd love to know!

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