A New Academic Year is Upon Us

August 26, 2013

Happy first day back to school y'all! Well, it's the first day back for me at least and I have a feeling my university for whatever reason is starting a little bit later than most. I had this wonderful idea to round up all the pretty must have back to school accessories, but I only made it as far as agendas. I also came to quickly realize that there are just way too many cute back to school accessories for me to possibly hunt down. I got distracted way too easily! 

I've always been a big believer in agendas. Whenever I started middle school every student was given an agenda and we were required to write down what we did that day and any homework we had. The teacher was required to sign it off as we went out the door. So, since then I've gotten quite attached to my own personal planners and agendas as a way of keeping on top of things (good job Middle School South - mission accomplished). 

For the past two years I've been attached to my Lilly Planner (before I used a Moleskin notebook). The spaces for each day are big enough for my liking, the monthly calendar view is my best friend, the pockets rock, it's flat out 100% pretty, and they give you a page of stickers! What's not to love? Though they can be a tad pricey, there's a size for every budget and I've never found such a pretty way to navigate my academic year. The new 2013-2014 agendas just arrived on the scene and they're definitely worth checking out. They come in pocket size, large, jumbo, and luxe! 

I thought I'd be on Lilly forever until recently I spied the new Kate Spade agendas which are all kinds of fun and pretty. I don't own one, but from previews of how it looks in the inside it looks like it's set up pretty close to how the Lilly's are. They're classy and maybe a bit more mature without sacrificing the loveliness factor. Each and every pattern is perfect!

Also, when I was working on compiling this post I came across a 'College Week' series I did when I had just started my freshman year of college which broke down everything from my first week on campus, collegiate essentials, to roommate etiquette, and my reward system for staying on track. Although I'm starting junior year (yikes! can we just not even talk about it), I found a lot of old wisdom in those posts that still were applicable now. Finding things like that is one of the perks of blogging. I thought you might like to read them too so I've listed them below:

First Week on Campus (Tips) - I relate my first week on campus while I discuss mapping out classes, branching out, the importance of being on time, how to attend everything, and how to expect the unexpected.
College Essentials - I break down wearable must haves, dorm room essentials, and school supplies I highly recommend.
Roommates and Neighbors - I talk about how to get along with roommates and neighbors and about how to navigate some awkward or uncomfortable situations with grace.
College Rewards - I share with you my rewards system for college milestones!

Let's have a great fall semester everyone!

What are you most looking forward to during this new academic year? Also, what are some of your favorite back to school accessories/rituals?

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  1. The Top Left one is my FAVE!!!!

  2. I am a moleskin girl, all the way. I love the black and white stripe one -- simple and gorgeous.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy


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