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August 23, 2013

Okay, I there is literally no way I can continue to blog about flash sale sites in this series without hitting on the cult favorite! Fab has been around for awhile. I'm pretty sure I signed up through Liz's affiliate link when she introduced me via blog to the coolest flash sale site. It had everything artsy, techy, pretty and just plain cool. There was no way I couldn't join!

Since then Fab has grown leaps and bounds in the time that I've become a member. You can shop a variety of categories. You can shop men, women, tech, home, kitchen, vintage, jewelry, art and so and so forth! It literally feels endless! New sales start at 10am Eastern time and could last either 3 days, 7 days, or longer term. Everything on Fab is 30-60% off of normal retail price (which doesn't seem like much at the time, but on larger items that's fabulous). Fab sells a limited number of quantities and popular things often sell out as with any other flash sale site in the history of humanity. 

Fab also does an excellent job at telling you about what you're getting. They tell you about the designer or the company that makes whatever product you're wanting to buy. They tell you all about the background of your product and specifics such as what type of paper your artwork is printed on. It's organized and I always enjoy fully knowing what I'm getting in to 100% before committing to purchasing. Fab has an authentic guarantee. They work with designers and brands of all types! Everything from big name companies like Cuisnart and Kate Spade to entrepenuears making hand made goods such as Moorea Seal and Gingiber. You get it all on Fab, which I love. It's so wonderfully picked and curated!

Fab has free shipping on all orders over $49 and free shipping on anything that may take longer to ship (a nice trade off for the wait time if you ask me!). Also on orders over $49 you can get complimentary 1-3 day delivery! Fab offers free returns and full refunds with zero questions asked, as well. They do mention that not every item is returnable though, but from I hear they have a great team behind their customer support.   

Fab also allows you to earn credits (in $ format) that can be applied at checkout by sharing and inviting friends to join! If you get 10 friends to join, you get a $30 credit. If you get 25 friends to join, you get $30 credit and if you get 50 friends to join you get free standard shipping for 2 months (in the U.S.). Also, you can $25 credit if a friend makes a purchase of $25 or more within 30 days of joining. I'm pretty sure Fab also gives you credit for joining (but it's been so long since I joined - so please don't quote me on that!)

So if you're still not a member of Fab please feel free to use my affiliate link to sign up here or you can visit Fab normally here (whichever you prefer!)

Items featured in the collage:

New York City Cut Map - $115 (vs Original Price of $150)
Wall Pockets - $16.95 (vs $19.95)
Paris Poster - $24 (vs Original Price of $27)
Dandelion Necklace - $30 (vs Original Price of $34)

Also some items I'm loving:

Have you shopped Fab? If so what did you think/what did you get? Tell me about it!

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