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August 12, 2013

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For iPhoneography
VSCO Cam - My favorite photo taking app for sure. The picture quality, the filters, the control and the overall design is professional and lovely. The app works pretty seamlessly and is exceptionally quick and functional. I'm trying to take a majority of my photos with the VSCO Cam and would recommend it to any and everyone! 

A Beautiful Mess - Elsie and Emma, the lovely ladies behind the A Beautiful Mess blog, launched their first app a few months ago. I immediately knew I had to download because usually whatever they come up with is pretty awesome. I have mixed sentiments about this app. I love the ability to add text and I love the hand written phrases, doodles, and borders. However, the filters are sub-par (which I can easily overlook since Afterlight -reviewed next- exists) and there are a lot of in app add-ons that make having access to the entire app kinda costly. Also, some of the content is a bit kitschy for my tastes - but that's just me. These creators have worked very hard and the entire app stays true to their personal style/aesthetic which I can totally respect. Overall, it's a really fun/nice app that can help add a little something to your photos. Usually, I use the app to edit hilarious photos of Jack (like these). 

Afterlight - This is definitely the app to come to if you're in need for a fun border or a unique filter. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with this app because of all the endless choices, but it's so fun to play around with. It's a great editing supplement for an iPhoneography junkie. 

Photo Timer + - I like this app over the free version of Timer Cam. I expressed some timer app questions/concerns in this post here and then decided to go on a hunt for something other than Timer Cam. I find that the picture quality is better (though definitely far from perfect), and I have more control. I can choose to take 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 photos in a row with either 0, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, or 180 seconds in between each photo. I have control over the flash and sound, plus the photos that get taken get saved right to my camera roll. It's a great fit for me at the moment and I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for a really decent timer app for free. I couldn't find a link online, but it will show in the app store if you search for it!

For Function/Productivity
Wanderlist - Thanks to Kara's recommendation, I gave Wanderlist a try! So far I really like it. Usually, on Sunday of each week I write down a list of 'Goals for the Week.' Wanderlist makes keeping up with and editing those goals a breeze. You can make an unlimited amount of lists, add details and reminders, and share lists if you so choose! If you're a list maker this is definitely an app for you to try! 

Toggl - I decided to try this app because it was also recommended by Kara. I can be a huge procrastinator and use my time in such a toss-up fashion, never fully committing to one single task at a time. Toggl is perfect for planning out chunks of time during your day and helps motivate you to stay on task! 

Find My iPhone - After losing my past two iPhones and countless other scares, this app is a must for me and anyone else who frequently misplaces their iPhone. 

My Bank - I love having my bank right at my finger tips! If your bank has an app, I'd recommend getting it. I can easily view my accounts after a secure log in. Also, I can transfer money in a snap, which is one of my favorite features. It helps me manage my money on the go.

Moves - Moves is similar to a pedometer. If you're anything like me, I wonder how much I'm walking each day, especially when school is in session and I find myself trekking all over the campus. Though it can be inaccurate at times, it only counts your phone's moves - so if you go on that two mile walk without it, you're out of luck. It's great for someone who has their phone glued to their hip and best used on days when you won't be in a confined space the entire day. It has a pretty good sensor of the times you're walking versus driving. If it mislabels a span of time as driving, when you were actually walking you can easily adjust it. It tells you your number of steps taken and how many calories burned based on those steps. Neat to have- though I wouldn't choose it over a normal pedometer of course. 

Pandora - On my computer, I'm a die-hard Spotify girl but I'm not all together willing to pay for the service so that I can have the app on my phone (I tried the free trial and really loved it though!). So the next best thing for me is Pandora. I usually only listen to it when I'm getting ready in the mornings. 

For Entertainment
Snapchat - My friends I use this a lot of the time over texting. It's hilarious, simple, and fun. Take a picture or short video and set the amount of time the user can view the picture/video. You can draw and add short captions. Also, you're notified if the receiver screen-shots your picture (which is handy). Perfect for sending selfies or communicating on the fly. 

Candy Crush Saga - I'm not really into games on my phone or gaming, but for Candy Crush I've made an exception. It's quite addicting. That is all. 

Bejeweled Blitz - What I play when I've run out of lives on Candy Crush. 

Vine - I don't really post many vines (I think I've posted 3 or 4 and they're ALL Jack), and maybe it's due to the combination of my general awkwardness on camera paired with the extreme hatred I have for my recorded voice. So, this app falls under entertainment rather than socializing. It's a great way to get a laugh.

TFM - Admittedly I use this so much more while I'm at college. It's the app for and it's a quick way to get entertained. 

Youtube - A must have for lunch breaks and since it doesn't come standard with the iPhone anymore, it's must because not being connected to billions of funny videos and Jenna Marbles is just not an option for me. 

For Socializing
Twitter - Twitter has probably become my favorite social media. Since I got into it a bit later than Facebook, it doesn't come with all the baggage. My friend lists are more current and I feel zero obligation to follow anyone from high school I don't want to. Plus, it's entertaining and keeps me up to date on news I need to know. It's where I share the majority of my status updates. I feel like if I post a status update on Facebook it needs to be more important than, "Yum! Sushi for lunch today!" You feel me?

Facebook - Over the years I've kind of grown to loathe Facebook - well really it's kind of a love/hate thing. I love that it allows me to stay connected and social. On the downside, I hate that it keeps me connected to people I no longer care about and their useless drama. The app is a must have, because how else would we Facebook stalk or do social fact checking at a moment's notice? 

Instagram - Instagram, though lacking it's original luster, is still a social media favorite for me. There's no better way to document my daily life so quickly and sufficiently. I can share anything from breakfast to big important things

Pinterest - This app has improved recently. It's much faster and makes pinning anything from any locale possible. If I get bored, the Pinterest humor section is always a favored method of wasting time and getting a little laugh.

Want to Try/Honorable Mentions
Bloglovin' - I've had this app before. Since Bloglovin' is the main way I keep up with my favorite blogs, this app was a no-brainer. However, as time went on (and phone space got limited), I realized that checking blogs needed to be a time reserved for when I was in front of a computer. It made everything much more consistent. Now, I've made checking blogs part of my morning routine. However, it's a great and fabulously functional app if you're someone desperate to keep up with your favorite blogs on the go. 

Mint - I love Mint! I use it on the computer, but haven't made the jump to the app (on the up and up, it's free!). Mint is a website/tool to help you manage your money. You can connect your accounts, loans, etc. You can make personalized budgets, get monthly or weekly summaries, view your cashflow, and get reminders when bills are due or your cash is below a certain dollar amount. For me to get debt free sooner rather than later once I get out of college, was important to me. I figured the sooner I started budgeting and really got a grip on my finances, the better! 

Tumblr - I had the Tumblr app for the longest time. When I had it, it was rather slow and a huge time suck, but it may have improved since. Tumblring, like checking blogs, is a time reserved for when I'm in front of the computer (and probably avoiding homework and/or adult activities). Plus, I determined it was just one of those apps I could live without in lieu of securing more precious phone space.

Over - Over is the next 'just for fun' app purchase I intend to make! I've heard nothing but good things about this app, which allows you to add text and a variety of other things over your photos! You can see things made with Over here.

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  1. I love this post!! Never knew about some of these blogs. I think I may try over. It has some pretty texts look like. :) Thank you for shareging.


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