Social Shopping, Saving, and Sharing - Just Fab vs Shoe Dazzle

August 09, 2013

Happy Friday y'all! It's time for another social shopping, saving, and sharing post! This is a mini feature I'm doing where I share/compare/review sites that I shop on  which are related to saving. Most of the sites I'll be featuring are flash sale sites, member only sites, and sites related to saving (but that's not all). Basically, any site where you can buy something fabulous and save a good buck or two in the process. I pick Friday to do this feature, because I like to spend my weekends online shopping the most!

Last week my post featured Hautelook, which you can read hereToday, I'm going to be focusing on two amazing shoe sites Just Fab and Shoe Dazzle.

Also, just a note before we get started, this is all uncompensated. Every opinion, tip, trick, or motive I have for sharing these sites is purely self motivated and totally unsponsored. Now let's get on to the comparison and the deals! 

Today is not about comparing these two sites critically (spoiler, they're both fabulous) - but rather about highlighting some key differences I've found and maybe guiding you to the site that's more right for you. If you're anything like me, you thought, "These two sites are so similar, what is even the difference and which one should I go with?" So, I joined both and have been taking notes and comparing!

Style Quiz & Start-up Process
New Member Deals
What they sell

Both sites start pretty much the same way. You join, take a style quiz and then *magical online stylists* go about preparing your personalized showroom while you shop the site and reap in wonderful new member deals. If I were to choose which style quiz I enjoyed more, it would probably have to be Shoe Dazzle's, but I don't only shop my showroom so I guess in the end that doesn't really matter.

Both sites also offer awesome new member deals! Just Fab probably offers the better of the two in my opinion. For the first 24 hours you get 50% off your first pair of shoes (uh, hello!), but if you don't use it you can still reap the benefit of 20% off your first purchase. ShoeDazzle offers a $15 credit to be applied at checkout toward your first purchase (but this expires after a few days).

In addition to shoes both of these online store fronts offer more! Both offer shoes, hand bags, and accessories. Just Fab also sells apparel and things like skinny jeans!

Subtle Differences
Style Vibe
Ways to Get Free Credit

I feel like these sites have slightly different feels to them. I feel like Just Fab is geared toward the everyday woman, maybe even a little bit of a younger audience. Whereas I feel like Shoe Dazzle is geared with a more trendy/high fashion vibe. I feel like if I wanted to find a shoe that was more runway than everyday I'd hit up Shoe Dazzle and if I were looking for colorful summer wedges I'd head to Just Fab. That is just my feeling on the different vibes I get from the two sites, but they each have something for everyone - promise!

As someone who's preferably a 9 1/2  in shoes (9's work but can be snug since I have a wider foot), I have to give props to Shoe Dazzle for carrying my size. Just Fab carries half sizes all the way up until 9. Disappointing, but I'm sure I can work around that. I will highlight though that both storefronts carry up to size 11 (my mother is a size 11 and she swears you don't know struggle until you wear a woman's size 11). Also something good to consider, Just Fab only shows me shoes that still have my size in stock, so I'm never disappointed!

Also, I feel like Just Fab has a much better sale/clearance section. I almost purchased shoes for $10. I mean, c'mon that's awesome.

Lastly, another subtle difference is the way you can earn free credit (aka a free pair of shoes) on either site. On Just Fab if you refer two friends and they both make a purchase you get a credit for a free pair of $39.95 shoes. Shoe Dazzle goes on Style Points. 1000 Style Points = $39.95 store credit. You can earn Style Points two concrete ways. You can make a purchase (you get 25 Style Points for every $10 spent) or invite friends (you get 200 Style Points once your friend makes they're first purchase). So refer on people!

Bigger Differences
Price/VIP Programs

One of the big differences is how price and their VIP programs are. We'll start with Just Fab.

Upon making your first purchase Just Fab will ask if you want to be part of the VIP program. Being part of the VIP program costs nothing to you. It makes all of the shoes $39.95 and you get free shipping (holla!). Once you're part of the VIP program you get a new showroom at the 1st of every month with new picks just for you. By the 5th of the month you either choose to buy something, skip the month (no charge will occur), or do nothing (your account is charged, but you get a Just Fab credit that is good to redeem one pair of $39.95 shoes). This is very similar to Jewelmint and the other 'mint' sites I reviewed two weeks ago. If you choose not to be a VIP, then you're charged the normal price for the shoes (which is typically more than $39.95, but not outrageously so). Even if you're not a VIP, you get free shipping on all orders over $39. In addition all exchanges are free. I've heard that they have great customer service when it comes to exchanges/returns, which is a plus!

Shoe Dazzle works a bit differently. First off the shoes are not one uniform price. Every pair of shoes is priced different usually in the $30-$70 range. They also have a VIP Program, if you sign up today then you can get 1 month free which is awesome. Basically for VIP, you're charged $9.95 each month, which goes directly in your account to spend as a credit (you can accumulate these VIP dollars for up to 12 months). You get member pricing on all shoes which is 10-25% off. You get free shipping with no minimum cost and get to experience cool perks like sneak peaks of new months and member only sales events. There is no obligation to purchase and you can cancel anytime you want. Plus, you get an extended sixty day policy regarding all exchanges. If you're not VIP, there's still ways to save. One of the best ways is through The Daily Fix. Each day Shoe Dazzle picks a new on trend item (a shoe/hand bag/accessory) to be The Daily Fix. It's marked down and has free shipping for the day, making it the perfect time to pounce! The Daily Fix is one of my favorite things about Shoe Dazzle.


To conclude here, I think both of these sites have a lot to offer. Both carry great, fashionable products at reduced prices. They offer plenty of ways to save money and I hope I helped you pick a shoe site you'll like. If you're one of those people that still need to experience it to know then you can visit each site through my affiliate links: Just Fab | Shoe Dazzle

Happy online shoe shopping everyone!

Also, do you use either of these sites? Which is your favorite? What do you like/dislike?

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