Always, Sometimes, Never

November 05, 2013

(Me, last November. Does time fly or what?)

I Always...

  • Get embarrassed when I have to really put myself out there (a project/presentation/etc), but the more I do it, the more I grow
  • Watch American Horror Story on Wednesdays
  • Miss my brother Jack when we're apart
  • Manage to misplace or ruin my phone in the most bizarre ways
  • Will be a glass half empty sort of gal, no matter how much I wish I could change that

I Sometimes...

  • Wait until the last minute to do important things for school, but 99.8% of the time I manage to pull it off
  • Read before I go to bed (and really love it)
  • Get overwhelmed easily and am really impatient and get frustrated with others quickly
  • Doubt the kind of person I am and the type of person I'm becoming
  • Am really bad at managing my money

I Never...

  • Thought I'd be considering double majoring right now
  • Seem to post enough to my various accounts
  • Like the smell in the dark room, all those photo developing chemicals smell like vinegar
  • Saw a pre-game or bottle of alcohol I didn't like
  • Feel emotionally prepared for class critiques (it's still amazing that I chose a major where you get judged weekly - i.e. putting yourself out there in the open and hoping for the best)

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